NatWest CricketForce 2006 - Photo gallery #11


Brooksbottom1 - The volunteers at Brooksbottom CC helped tidy up the Lancashire club's ground, moving whatever was necessary  


Brooksbottom2 - This included tidying up the perimeter walls at Brooksbottom CC  


Countesthorpe - Countesthorpe CC were visited by Leicestershire's John Maunders (second left) - who got his hands on the club's new roller!  

Shiregreen Butties

Shiregreen Butties - Every good army marches on its stomach - and that's bacon butties at Shiregreen, expertly prepared in the clubhouse kitchen...  

Shiregreen Wall

Shiregreen Wall - ...all helping to fuel this kind of painting effort at the Sheffield club...  

Shiregreen Windows

Shiregreen Windows - ...and fitting of the new windows supplied by Calendar Windows at Rotherham - and fitted by Tony, Eric, Fred and Jason  

Isca Crows1

Isca Crows1 - The team at Isca Crows pose for the record after their successful NatWest CricketForce event  

Isca Crows2

Isca Crows2 - These Isca Crows volunteers were out and about making sure the club had all the necessary tools for the jobs in hand!  

Bowdon Vale

Bowdon Vale - Bowdon Vale CC spent the weekend painting the inside and outside of their clubhouse - 39 people putting in over 300 hours of effort. Mark Roylance, their CricketForce organiser, said: \"This was a much bigger job than any of us imagined.\"  


Mkpcc - The NatWest CricketForce volunteers at MKPCC in Milton Keynes  

Brooksbottom1 Brooksbottom2 Countesthorpe Shiregreen Butties Shiregreen Wall Shiregreen Windows Isca Crows1 Isca Crows2 Bowdon Vale Mkpcc