NatWest CricketForce 2006 - Photo gallery #9

Shiregreen Fire

Shiregreen Fire - Sometimes you can try too hard, as Neil found here while grinding the bolts of the window screens - and setting his shirt on fire with the sparks in the process!  

Shiregreen Mrfixit

Shiregreen Mrfixit - Every club needs a Mr Fixit, and Shiregreen had John - who got hold of skip, concrete, fork lift truck, food etc etc and even managed to get a local chip shop owner to transport last-minute timber supplies for free in his van!  

Shiregreen Waste

Shiregreen Waste - Waste not want not - this was nearly full to bursting after the weekend's activities at Shiregreen  

Shiregreen Shower1

Shiregreen Shower1 - A large project for Shiregreen was installing new showers in each changing room...  

Shiregreen Shower2

Shiregreen Shower2 - ...aided by materials donated by Plumco and Jewsons, electrical work done by Delta Electrical contractors...  

Shiregreen Shower3

Shiregreen Shower3 - ...and electrical materials donated by Interserve - good job!  

Shiregreen Caborn

Shiregreen Caborn - And it all certainly bowled over the Minister of Sport when he turned up on the Sunday! © Getty Images  

Shiregreen Kids1

Shiregreen Kids1 - These young volunteers at Shiregreen have donned their T-shirts and are all set to go with the painting!  

Shiregreen Concrete

Shiregreen Concrete - Here's the concrete arriving at the club ready for the heavy building work  

Shiregreen Neil Clark

Shiregreen Neil Clark - Shiregreen's NatWest CricketForce 2006 coordinator was Neil Clark: \"We have had a great time, a lot of hard work, but enjoyed it; I feel this has been such an uplift fot the club. We have also had a laugh this week!\"  

Shiregreen Fire Shiregreen Mrfixit Shiregreen Waste Shiregreen Shower1 Shiregreen Shower2 Shiregreen Shower3 Shiregreen Caborn Shiregreen Kids1 Shiregreen Concrete Shiregreen Neil Clark