Rain rules at Headingley


Headingley - The prospect of play at Headingley looked bleak following torrential morning rain  


Headingley - A young fan braves the elements  

Headingley fan

Headingley fan - Those without umbrellas are forced to take alternative action  

Headingley blotter

Headingley blotter - Once the rain finally relents, the groundstaff attempt to drain the surface  


Headingley - However, despite their best efforts, vast pools of standing water remain.  

Tim Bresnan

Tim Bresnan - With no prospect of immediate play, Bresnan takes the opportunity to try his hand as a cameraman  

Andrew Strauss & Ramnaresh Sarwan

Andrew Strauss & Ramnaresh Sarwan - Strauss and Sarwan await news on a possible start time  


Headingley - The groundstaff continue their efforts to drain the ground  

Andrew Strauss

Andrew Strauss - The England skipper takes a closer look at the condition of the outfield  

Steve Davis & Nigel Llong

Steve Davis & Nigel Llong - Umpires Davis and Llong walk from the field having decided there is no chance of play  


Headingley - The unfortunate news is relayed to the crowd  

Matt Prior & Stuart Broad

Matt Prior & Stuart Broad - The England team attempt to cheer up the spectators by signing autographs  

James Anderson

James Anderson - Although James may wish he had stayed in the dressing room!  

Headingley Headingley Headingley fan Headingley blotter Headingley Tim Bresnan Andrew Strauss & Ramnaresh Sarwan Headingley Andrew Strauss Steve Davis & Nigel Llong Headingley Matt Prior & Stuart Broad James Anderson