Shaw arrives in the nick of time

New Zealand, anthem

New Zealand, anthem - The White Ferns sing New Zealand's anthem  

Suzie Bates & England

Suzie Bates & England - Nicky Shaw has Bates caught by Caroline Atkins  

Nicky Shaw

Nicky Shaw - Shaw enjoys the first of four wickets  

Laura Marsh

Laura Marsh - Marsh roars an appeal  

Sara McGlashan

Sara McGlashan - McGlashan tries to rebuild with a tough 21  

Sarah Taylor & Nicky Shaw

Sarah Taylor & Nicky Shaw - Taylor completes the job of stumping the stubborn Lucy Doolan  

Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor - England's chase suffers a setback when the premier batsman goes  

Nicky Shaw

Nicky Shaw - Not content with her wickets, Shaw begins the recovery with the bat  

Nicky Shaw & Holly Colvin

Nicky Shaw & Holly Colvin - Shaw's stand of 18 with Colvin wins the match  

Charlotte Edwards

Charlotte Edwards - And the cup is Edwards'  

Katherine Brunt

Katherine Brunt - Brunt is a proud Englishwoman  

Nicky Shaw

Nicky Shaw - Shaw kisses the cup she was so instrumental in winning  

Charlotte Edwards & England

Charlotte Edwards & England - And the captain receives a drenching  

Charlotte Edwards & Claire Taylor

Charlotte Edwards & Claire Taylor - Taylor is player of the tournament  

New Zealand, anthem Suzie Bates & England Nicky Shaw Laura Marsh Sara McGlashan Sarah Taylor & Nicky Shaw Claire Taylor Nicky Shaw Nicky Shaw & Holly Colvin Charlotte Edwards Katherine Brunt Nicky Shaw Charlotte Edwards & England Charlotte Edwards & Claire Taylor