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Good start to new year

Posted in ECB ACO

Happy new year!

Before jetting off to sunnier climes I was thrilled to learn one of my 'boys' has been given a year's contract with Kent, another is doing well in Australia and the 'grown-ups' have even been going to the gym or doing early nets on a Sunday can you believe! - I was so impressed.

I have equipped myself with a new laptop and TCS and aim to get to grips with it before spring starts to turn to summer and the sound of the proverbial leather on willow is ringing in my ears again.

Being involved in cricket, and being an old humbug, has given me a propensity for holidaying over Christmas and new year, and, despite many nervous days of watching updates on Twitter, and a quick prayer to any deity who I felt might be kindly disposed to lowly notchers, we managed to get away from these shores with only a two-hour delay.

I was lucky enough to have WiFi where we were staying and could keep up to date at the end of each day's fun-filled activities - (shopping is SUCH hard work, and laying on the beach saps your energy!) with the state of play 'down under' - although it was 'down and across' for me, as I was in America.

We went to the bar each evening to eat, drink and to chat with locals and tourists alike, meeting Americans from all across the US of A, Canadians, Germans, Scots, even a couple who lived a few miles from me and worked with one of my colleagues in another department (gosh it IS a small world), but, disappointingly, I found not a single Aussie to tease, or even an Englishman who cared about our victories, other than the group of people I had travelled with from the UK - we are all from the same cricket club.

We had a good time anyway, drinking to the Urn and looking towards a season one day soon, when some of our lads might also hold it aloft, well...we can all dream...

So... my holiday is over, it's back to work - can't wait to meet the new exchange teacher for this term - she is from Australia.......but there are more pressing things to mention to my department than how we beat the old adversary when I get back to school this week - like how I got married instead of going to a theme park - but thats another story............

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