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Life in the fast lane

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Lin Martin

I am so thrilled to be involved in the Games, and doubly so to be at Lord’s - two things ticked off my 'Bucket List'

As one of my students said this week - 'It cannot really be November can it?'

Life has been very hectic since scoring my last match of the season. I cannot easily recall when that was - September 17 seems a long time ago.

In my house, any big jobs are either tackled when I am out of the way at cricket, or at the end of the season, if my help is essential. 'Doing the kitchen' fell between the two.

Lots of ripping off tiles and pulling up flooring was tackled whilst I was out of the way, but I am needed when it comes to choosing replacements and making trips to the council tip.

At the time of writing we have lots of new kitchen appliances in the garage, the hall, the living room, lots of pots and pans in the bath, the shower room and under my bed. There is washing everywhere as we usually dry it in the garage, a fridge freezer in the living room and dust everywhere!

The kitchen looks like the ruins of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon as the electrician is halfway through his job and the plasterers are coming in two weeks.

In all of this upheaval I had some brilliant news which has helped me look beyond the panic of getting everything straight before mid-December and looking towards next July.

After an interview in last July and a long wait, I found out I am to be involved in the London 2012 Olympics! I have been asked to work at Lord's with the Archery at the moment, maybe other jobs will be appointed later.

I am so thrilled to be involved in the Games, and doubly so to be at Lord’s - that's two things ticked off my 'Bucket List'

The big advantage I can see is, at least at Lord’s I know where the loos are!

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