Silencing the Indian supporters

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Taking a career best 4-44 and being man of the match in our victory at Rajkot on Friday night ranks right up there in terms of what I have achieved in my career.

My England debut will always be remembered fondly, as are the trophies I've won at Kent, but to do well playing for England is a special feeling.

Any game for England is special but to come to India and take four wickets against some fine players of spin and help us win is very pleasing. India has been very kind to me in one-day cricket - that's eight wickets in two matches.

I'm very proud, not just with how I bowled but with how the team performed. Winning that game sets the series up really well.

We thought it would be a high-scoring affair with the history of games played at Rajkot. That was proved right but luckily we came out on top.

If we are honest we might have looked for another 10 or 15 runs on our total. In any other part of the world 325 for four is a brilliant total, but in India you look at scores differently. Having said that, to get over 300 was a good effort.

Cook and Bell putting on 158 for the first wicket set us up nicely and gave licence for the others to come in and play their shots. Kev and Morgs did that but to finish the innings like we did, especially the way Samit struck the ball, was really positive.

We knew they would come hard at us. When you need six-and-a-half an over you have to start well. We would have liked a couple of early wickets but that can be hard in this part of the world. We were quite happy to keep them to 66 in the first 10 overs as that meant we weren't chasing the game, like we might have if they had got 80.

James Tredwell

Being man of the match in Rajkot was a proud moment and our win sets the rest of the one-day international series up perfectly

With all areas of bowling, you are trying to restrict as much as possible and get the batsmen to hit to the areas you want them to. There is a small margin for error on wickets over here.

When I was asked to bowl I thought about what a good opportunity it was for me. Every chance I get is a good chance for me to show what I can do. I was very confident with how the ball was coming out of the hand and it was nice to start the way I did and get an early wicket. That helped me settle and I went from there.

They are packed full of good players who can play spin. If you work on your skills and execute them as well as you can then hopefully they won't punish you.

It was a big moment when we got Dhoni out. They still had some good batsmen though - their whole list can strike the ball. We wanted to go right to the end because we knew they batted all the way down.

Joe Root bowled well. He probably didn't think his one-day debut would pan out like that. He was in for his batting but didn't get in and ended up bowling nine overs. He's a very talented lad and we will see a lot more of him over the next few years.

The atmosphere at the game was right up there. It was perhaps not quite as loud as the Twenty20 in Mumbai, but it was still special. It's another challenge for us to overcome as the vast majority will be supporting India.

It's a great feeling when you silence the crowd when you take a wicket. It's never silent for long though as they love the next batsman as much as the previous one so soon start shouting again.

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