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Season's greetings

Posted in ECB ACO

This year, as many will be saying I am sure, has passed so, so quickly.

It does not seem possible I have been married for nearly 12 months and that winter training is getting underway.

My 'real' job is teaching music and November and December are always full of exams, pantos, carol services and 'Walking in the Air' - the Snowman song. Dear Aled Jones was quite cute when he was little and warbling away.

The festive season always brings a few chuckles when teaching little ones. My youngest pupils are six and I love to hear about their work in the classroom when preparing for the shows we put on at school.

The smallest ones do struggle with some of the words of the carols on occasions, and, as is their habit in all areas, when they do not quite recognise the words they put in ones that sound right that they know.

For example - "Away in a manger, a quid for a bed" - probably quite expensive when you think of inflation since 1AD - or "weary wise men come from a farm" which should have been 'afar' but where is that any way?

I had a young lady really top it all the other week. The conversation went something like this...

Me: Are you learning lots of Christmas songs to go with your play?

Eager young lady: Oh yes - Away in a Manger, We Three Kings, O Come, All Ye Faithful, and an other one about a bird but I cannot remember what it is called.

This got me thinking. Traditional carols plus a song about a bird - what could it be?

Sorry, I digress...back to cricket. I have, this week, stepped down as secretary to my local club. I took the post to help them work through the 'Clubmark' process, which we achieved in my second year, but I now have so much work and because of the Olympics, I think this year will be busy enough without attending meetings, writing up minutes and fielding emails for the club. They have found another willing volunteer and I will just be scorer secretary from now on.


I have put all my scoring equipment into the loft and it will stay there until the beginning of the new cricket season

We are one of the best equipped clubs when it comes to scorers - we have two level 2 scorers and one who is training for level 1 this winter, and a couple of older guys who prefer to score than to stand in the middle. In fact we now have twice as many scorers as wicketkeepers.

All my notchers' equipment has gone into the loft for the winter now although I have kept out a shirt, a few pens and a couple of sheets just in case I have a chance to go to one of the training sessions to help out.

I was asked to train as a 'trainer' this season but the course was slap bang in the middle of the time we were tiling the kitchen floor and so I had to decline. I will next year though.

The kitchen is now in full working order - just a few loose ends to tie up, wall tiles, curtains, new toaster etc, and I am going to spring clean the whole house this week now that school has finished. I forgot just how much dust doing a big job in the house makes.

Right, better get the hoover out. Oh...the carol with the bird...'Hawk the Herald Angels Sing, of course.

Best wishes for the Yuletide and a happy new year.