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A perfect ending

Posted in England Women

Jenny Gunn

Our last training session consisted of range hitting and it might be up there as my favourite practice

Our last training session before the Twenty20 series consisted of range hitting and it might be up there as my favourite practice. We bat in pairs and try and hit balls as far as we can. We have plans as to where we hit different bowlers so it's not all swing from the hip stuff.

I had the biggest hit of the day, striking a leggy over mid-off for six, until Susie Rowe smashed her trademark slog sweep over the ropes with two balls left of training, fuming!

After training a few of us decided to chill out and order take out food. We had Nandos and I decided to go for the hot sauce on my chicken as I like a bit of spice.

Well it must have been the hottest chicken I've ever had, my nose was running and I couldn't breathe and I was sweating for the rest of the evening. Let's just say the rest of the girls had mild and were struggling.

On the afternoon of our first T20 it was more like English weather: cool, cloudy and windy; but it was actually a nice change. We chose to bowl first, which seemed to be the right decision and we batted well to take the match and go 1-0 up in the series.

But we knew we had to improve before the next game and, while it was great for the team that we didn't need to bat down the order, I was still left with pad rash as I would have been next in.

Our second T20 was going so well as we managed to keep South Africa to 110 from their 20 overs. But going out to bat we knew we had to keep above the Duckworth-Lewis score as the storm clouds were building up.

We were all sitting on the balcony watching and the next minute there was a massive bolt of lightning, which made me jump and smash right into Danni Hazell. I thought she was going to get killed!

Jenny Gunn

We finished the tour on a good note as we sealed the series with another convincing victory

This was my cue to head inside and it was only a few more balls before the heavens opened and it started chucking it down. There was no chance of ever going back on so the match was abandoned.

For the next six and a half hours we were caught in one of the biggest storms I've ever been in and the rain was constantly heavy. We looked outside and the grass was flooded. We were starting to get a little worried about having a dry pitch to play our last T20 on the following morning.

At breakfast the next day we were told that play would start on time, which came as a bit of a shock. If we were in England, the pitch would have been totally under water but turning up to the ground it was fine.

We finished the tour on a good note as we sealed the series with another convincing victory.

As it was a morning game we had plenty of time to kill in the afternoon before the closing function.

We all congregated for a celebratory drink by the pool where tour fines master Heather Knight read out the list she had been keeping. There were some very amusing things that had been noted like someone saying 'egg' when they were asked at breakfast what they would like in their omelette!

For those that thought they had got off lightly (management included), there was the added surprise of being thrown in the pool which has been used as an ice bath all tour.

The jokers have continued their antics and I shouldn't have made the mistake of thinking I was safe on the top floor, after my previous blog they felt the need get into my room. I've learnt my lesson, no-one is safe!

So it's our last day here in South Africa, I'm packed and looking forward to seeing friends and family at home but not sure I'm ready to face the cold English weather. At least it's not too long until we head to New Zealand in February!