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Anyone seen a missing terrier?

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2010

The dog’s done a runner! Not that I can blame him. The kitchen has disappeared. His kitchen has disappeared!

It’s hard work being the club mascot when you’re just a little scruffy terrier, but there is always a reward to be found in the kitchen. Whether it be a slice of sausage, a morsel of burger, or even a bit of chilli, there are rich pickings to be had.

But, somebody has stolen Marra’s kitchen, and he has gone off in the huff. It was there the last time he checked, when the season finished and the awards were being handed out, but now it’s gone.

It’s gone because NatWest CricketForce has come calling. After weeks of planning, interminable committee meetings and maybe even the odd argument, the hard graft has started and burly cricketers have discarded their whites and donned jeans and dungarees.

Screws have been unscrewed, hinges (and a cricketer or two) have been unhinged and sledgehammers and crowbars have been swung mightily.

Where once stood the kitchen that served a thousand bowls of spag bol from the most challenging of conditions, there is empty space and a lot of dust while, outside, a skip is full to overflowing.

NatWest CricketForce has arrived at Avorians, an initial seed sown has germinated and a club has come together to get itself a brand new kitchen.

The shopping list has been drawn up, from floor tiling to fluorescent tubes, by way of sandpaper and sinks – “do we think we could get a new cooker?” – and the troops have embarked on their treasure hunt in the local village and beyond.

The skills matrix has found ability in the club that had been hidden for years and the guest list includes no less a luminary than the Lord Mayor. There’s a group of young offenders on their way, too – surely there could be no connection!

And, if Marra was not already the club mascot, then Bob the Builder would be a good choice too. Can we do it? Yes we can!

Grumpy Groundo and his gang are going to clear the car park so that the volunteers can get here. Tim and Sandra have found some kitchen units – how did they manage that? Harpo’s got his mum to do the food, the local garden centre has been coaxed into giving us some plants and Seedy’s bringing some machinery.

If we’re doing the kitchen, let’s have a go at the roof. Just the job for Shirley (don’t even ask, he’s a solid lad) and Nails. If we’re doing the roof, how about tidying up and landscaping round the nets? Johnny, Jamie, and, perhaps, a whole family of Collinses.

Because, they are all coming now. Such a tiny club, so many volunteers, so many family members, all helping out.

And that’s what NatWest CricketForce does. It gives the impetus. It gives the focus. It sows the seed. And, it brings people together. For cricket, for the club and for themselves.

So, come on Marra. I can see you in the bushes. Let’s go and give the Avorians a kitchen to be proud of and, who knows, there may even be a whole sausage in it for you.

Cobham Avorions won the competition for the best blog submitted by a NatWest CricketForce club. We will be publishing other blogs in the coming weeks so keep logging on...