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Babysitting in the scorebox

Posted in ECB ACO

Well, the season is finally underway - the first friendly was washed out but the second was played in good spirits on a fantastic May Saturday.

The season proper, however, started in the rain and we have lost two of our five league games to the weather so far.

As a scorer I seem to bring more equipment to the ground than the umpires or players. My car is full of coats in various thickness and levels of waterproofness, an umbrella and a folding seat with a cushion, to name just a few things.

Other scorers are also bringing a laptop and a printer with enough paper to print out information at the end of the day. We all seem to have at least two bags with more stationary that WH Smith.

In the last few weeks I have been asked for scissors to cut new tape for bat handles, sun cream for the hottest day of the year so far, wicketkeepering gloves (sorry, could not oblige with this one), tweezers when a player's daughter picked up a splinter, pens and pencils (easy).

Of course, this is all after play has started and I am trying to work here.

In all of this, the only time players have been surprised was when I could not help with the gloves - they have never been impressed that I can provide everything else.

I have even been told to answer the phone (of course, take a message) and look after the grandchild in the box as I score.

Well, it was a friendly, and it is so exciting pulling all those strings when you are four years old...for about five minutes...but that's another story.


Us scorers seem to need more than the old fashioned pen and scorebook these days

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