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Bowled over by kingpin Anya

Posted in England Women

Preparations for Sri Lanka have been going well with regular squad sessions at Edgbaston over the past month.

We have a couple of new recruits for this tour - Fran Wilson and Susie Rowe join from the Academy and have both fitted in really well. It's like they have always been here.

At this time of year I actually look forward to running during the colder nights. It isn’t long before my excitement turns to hate as everytime I have a run planned, it isn’t just cold, it is wet and windy and the cold takes my breath away.

We’ve been at the National Cricket Performance Centre for a four day pre-tour camp before we fly to Sri Lanka and it’s been good to be with all the team and just touch up on a few things before we head off.

It’s been a pretty full on weekend and what has made it even harder is that they have turned the heating up to 30 degrees in the centre to help us try to get used to the climate in Sri Lanka.

I must say it was hard work bowling in there. I think what made it harder is that there is no air, just heat. But I feel it will benefit us once we are out there but when you walk out of the centre and it’s only five degrees outside it isn’t the nice thing.

I think there are only a handful of people in our team who don’t watch the X Factor and I happen to be one of them.

When it comes to our downtime our team go crazy and crowd into the TV room to get a main seat to watch it. During the ad breaks you can always count on Lottie keeping the entertainment going by belting out a song. I think she sees herself as a bit of a singer.

After a long weekend there was no rest as we had weights on Monday morning. I was in group one so was up at 6.30am to get ready for a 7.30am start. Well I couldn’t believe how cold, wet and windy it was - not the best when you are trying to psyche yourself up for the session ahead when all you really want to do is go back to your nice warm bed.

But I managed to get through the session knowing we had a free afternoon once we finished our team building.

Laura Marsh, Mark Lane & Heather Knight

Laney should stick to cricket coaching after he sent a bowling ball down the wrong lane on Monday morning

Our team building was meant to be archery but there was a double booking which resulted in us going ten pin bowling instead.

We were split into seven teams including management and the winning team was the one with the highest total at the end. I had our physio Rachel Evans and Tails in my team.

We thought it was slightly unfair when Laney somehow managed to throw his ball down our lane which resulted in Tails fouling and not been able to knock any pins down.

We have all learnt where Anya spends all her free time - down the bowling alley - as she smashed it and got over 150 on both games. It was a good team building session and a nice way to enjoy a bit of down time.

I live about half an hour from Loughborough so I decided to chill out then to go home for a while. I got home and it was so nice to be in the warmth, only for mum to ask if I would take the dogs out with here.

I got soaked and it was so cold, but that’s the joy of having two dogs.

The feeling in the camp is that we are ready and prepared and cannot wait to be on that plane to Sri Lanka. Roll on Tuesday evening.