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Bricks and Boycs

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2009

The initial excitement has now been converted to a quiet determination. A few presentations to parents and other interested parties have resulted in a nice little band of workers, all with different talents. Thank heavens for junior presentations…

The DVD provided by the ECB does the job nicely and I now know the script off by heart! It is quite interesting to see people liken members of our club to people in the video and this makes the whole experience real and tangible to anyone watching.

So thanks to Kirby Muxloe and their band of actors for making it easier for the doubting Thomases to see their own role within the structure.

The other thing that makes the project work and the catalyst for action so far has been an artist’s impression of the building, provided by Anya of ASAP imagery, who are a design consultancy specialising in artists impression of planned projects.

A very rough draft is shown and as time goes by it will be improved to be even more realistic. The discount given to us by Anya was impressive (as one would hope!).

We feel that a visual stimulus is invaluable when you are galvanising support from the masses and we would recommend that any club planning any project of size should take advantage of such a service.

Dan Musson of ECB has supported us in our planning process and made recommendations regarding approved design.

Now for the bill of quantities – whats that I hear you ask? To the layman this is not a simple task so we had to find another expert who could explain this to us non-builders. We found out - in short its how many bricks, how many flags, how much concrete etc.

Mild signs of frustration are starting to set in – the team is straining at the leash to start the digging, bricklaying, concreting and begging, but the thinking needed to be done first, besides that its snowing!

Now the fun starts in earnest. The grand opening dinner is booked for the spring and guest of honour is old boy “Sir” Geoffrey Boycott. If that doesn’t give us an incentive then nothing will!