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Champagne is on ice

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2009

The progress here at ground zero, our new name for the vast hole that has appeared in the ground, has been steady but not exciting. If our progress could take human cricketing form it could be compared to a typical dour Yorkshire opener.

However, foundations must be laid, drains must be dug and a lot of bricks need to be put down.

The most spectacular event has been the demise of our famous old scoreboard, which in typical Barnsley fashion has become the most iconic building ever.

The good folk of Barnsley never let reality get in the way of sentiment and the various memories and nostalgic descriptions have made us all wonder why such an historic landmark was destroyed.

Well, could it be the fact that the roof leaked, the floor was rotten, straight through to the downstairs in some parts, the numbers didn’t work, the doors wouldn’t shut, the internal walls were falling down and it was the home to a colony of wild birds? Not much to sort out there then.

The demolition has also highlighted the amount of land which will be released on the North West side of the ground when the hated Portakabins are eventually moved on. The whole club will benefit from an increased size car park and better access to the Holgate second pitch.

Wait until Dakronics deliver our shiny new board on April 4 and our scorer 'Motters' can sit twidding his controls in his plush new scorers' room.

The roof is being installed today under the severe gaze of our site foreman, Garry Clarke, and the doors and windows are being installed before the next working day in a fortnight – the big push.

HR Johnson have promised a lorry load of tiles for our new showers which are to be installed on March 28 so that somewhat focuses the mind on making sure that the walls are in place so that we have something to stick them on.

So unspectacular but progress nevertheless – consolidation some call it. The old girl’s demise has borne fruit, the hard core produced in its demolition has been utilised in the building of our new terrace and played its part in consolidating the ground beneath.

The next few weeks are crucial to the project and a lot of work remains to be done prior to 5.30pm on Apri 5. We WILL be opening champagne on the terrace.