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Dodging the rush hour traffic in Galle

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Before we left Galle I did a 15-mile run, which is the furthest I have ever done. It's great that I managed that distance, but it's also daunting that there is another 11 miles to go.

I needed to do a big run and because the Test ended early it gave me time to fit one in. I woke up early and got a driver to drop me 15 miles away from the hotel. I knew it was that far because I measured it on Google Maps. The driver dropped me off at 5.30am and I ran home.

I had to start that early because there is no way I could do that mileage in the proper heat. I wanted to get it out of the way before 9am when it starts to get really warm. It's so sticky and humid here. They are tough conditions to run in.

It was a nice run though. It's pretty much a long coastal road so you see a lot of the beach and surf before drifting inland through some little towns before getting back to Galle. It's a road I'm familiar with as we travelled along it every day.

The Sri Lankan people are really friendly. They obviously recognise I am with the England side as people stopped to talk and cars hooted as they drove past. A couple of times bus drivers crept up alongside me and wanted to talk about cricket.

It was an interesting run. I was running on my own apart from half a mile where two stray mangy dogs kept me company.

I didn't listen to any music for the first 10 miles because there were so many people saying hello and lots of things to look at.

Andy Flower

I ran 15 miles before we left Galle which is the furthest I have ever done. The thought of running 26 miles is pretty daunting

As I got more tired and in need of some inspiration I put some music on. Richard Halsall loaded some music onto an iPod for me.

I took two bottles of liquid with me but towards the end of the run I was desperately thirsty. I'm glad I took some cash with me as I popped into a little shop about three miles from the hotel and bought a cream soda. It reminded me of Zimbabwe and was quite a lifesaver.

Physically it was tough towards the end. My legs were hurting.

I don't even want to think about whether I can do 26 miles, but I know I have to do it. There is no discussion. I'm running tomorrow at 5.30am for an hour and might do a longer run, if I can, on the last day.

I don't want to cram too much in before the race so I might have to rely on some inspiration from the crowds who come to watch on April 22. I will have to get through it one way or another.

Everyone who has donated to my JustGiving page has been very generous. It's great that they have shown an interest. If we can keep pulling some more cash in over the next few weeks that would be great for the three charities I'm supporting.

Andy is running the London Marathon on April 22 in support of The Lord's Taverners, Hope for Children and Factor 50. Click here to make a donation to his JustGiving page.

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