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CricketForce fosters hope for future

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2010

We had another good NWCF this year – it’s become an annual event for us, and we get a ‘hard core’ of around 25 regular people who turn up every year to help, and muck in with what ever needs doing.
Yes – there are still lots of things we need to do in the club house and things always need refurbishing, upgrading what ever, and 25 doesn’t sound a lot – but if I think back to the first event we held five years ago when we had less than half a dozen people turn up it’s still very pleasing - and most of our now regulars are all helpers that we’ve recruited from when we were a showcase club in 2006 and who have stuck with us.

They are also doing things like running the admin for the junior section, taking on responsibility for welfare and scoring – so the most important thing CF has delivered for us, is really a legacy of a solid band of volunteers willing to help with all aspects of running the club.

We’ve also now got juniors who have grown up with NWCF – kids who were 10/11 when we did our first event are now strapping 15/16 year old lads, who on Saturday were worth their weight in gold and willing to turn their hands to anything.

They are becoming great role models for the new juniors – e.g. when some of the younger lads on Saturday got fed up – the older juniors set up a game for them, but more than anything the kids who have grown up with CF see helping the club off the pitch as being just as important as helping on the pitch – it’s a great ethos.

We probably had kids, who will form the basis of our first team in a few years time, working together on Saturday to put sight screens back together and the team spirit that they are building by taking part in CF can only help them be a stronger playing team.

The local parish council are also so used to us now running the event that this year, they put a newsletter round the village (without us asking) reminding villagers that the event was taking place, and asking villagers to follow the example of the cricket club and hold their own tidy gardens event, in order to improve the look of the whole village.