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Feeling the heat

Posted in England Women

Tamsin Beaumont

Tammy Beaumont © Bipin Patel

Being my (Tammy Beaumont) second time in India, driving through the city on arrival in Mumbai you realise how things haven't changed in the year I've been away.

There are still the occasional tuktuks broken down out the side of the road, with six vehicles trying to fit into two lanes of traffic as well as the constant sound of car horns to announce their presence on the road; it makes the M25 at rush hour look like nothing.

It's quite an experience, and one I wouldn't change for the world. It's such a contrast from the grey skies of England.

For me (Beth Langston), being a first time visitor to India, it was surprising how hot 40 degrees actually feels and how the streets of Pune make my home in London look tame in comparison.

India never ceases to amaze us, receiving a warm welcome everywhere we go. It is almost as if cricket is like a religion, especially after the World Cup triumph out here.

The first day’s training was tough on everyone with the net bowlers turning it square, making it very difficult for us. But every day our confidence grows and our skill levels improve massively, although Lissy (Alice MacLeod) is still nursing a bruise between the eyes from a rogue bouncer. Instead of being concerned, Lissy's dad thought she did well to get in line with it!

Jack Birkenshaw

At slip catching practice coach Jack Birkenshaw said: "I'll show you lasses how to do it", but then put down a sitter

Our coaches Paul (Shaw), Jack (Birkenshaw) and Simon (Crampton) lead by example on how to avoid getting sunburnt by sporting their England 'Bill and Ben' floppy hats at training every day. Although the same can't be said for Jack's example of slip catching. His quote of "I'll show you lasses how to do it" was followed by a sitter going down at first slip!

On a serious note, this experience is teaching us a lot. In depth talks with Global Cricket School coach Umesh, on how to keep things simple and use your feeling and hearing senses more when batting is something new and exciting to me. (TB)

We've gained valuable knowledge on how to bowl on Indian wickets as well as personal technical input from the specialist coach, developing our actions for the future. (BL/Jodie Dibble)

Tonight we are preparing for our match tomorrow, with skipper Aaron Brindle checking our favourite fielding positions. Thinking fine-leg would be a hard one to fill, Beth Langston our self-appointed ‘specialist fine-leg/third man’ stepped up and accepted.

With the heat, everyone is ensuring optimal hydration, yesterday Aaron manage a whopping seven Vipers and just managed to stay in the normal osmo range.

With just under a week left here, we're hoping to continue our development and hopefully perform in our four matches.

p.s. follow our travels on twitter!! @Tammy_Beaumont & @JodieDibbs