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Ensuring the legacy isn't wasted

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2008

Two years have now passed since the major refurbishment that propelled the club into the national limelight. It is with some pride we still see our pavilion on the homepage.
The last 18 months have been about ensuring the legacy from 2006 was not wasted and completing the multitude of tasks that all clubs face annually.

Our extended clubhouse is now used for parties, weddings and a whole host of other social and business activities following the appointment of a part-time Facility Manager. This brings in valuable extra revenue to the club but also demands we look at what facilities we provide to our new visitors.

The buildings committee under the chairmanship of John Carr, with his ever industrious colleague Ian Stewart, have started planning for the pre-season period culminating in the NatWest CricketForce event.

The major tasks ahead are the tiling of the remaining areas of the toilet area and behind the refurbished bar. We also want to redecorate the lounge and dance floor area.

Finding a gap in our social calendar to fit this in, whilst at the same time ensuring the availability of the specialists to carry this out, is a new challenge but appears to have been overcome. There are also some electrical re-wiring jobs following the installation of shutters on the bar.

Preparation for NatWest CricketForce involves identifying and preparing jobs to make best use of the volunteers who give so freely of their time that weekend. Repairing the external fence ready for painting, similarly the boundary seats and the newly laid terrace on the pavilion front all requires the more skilled workforce to come out of winter hibernation.

Checking stocks of paint, brushes, tiles, etc all help the smooth operation so no time or person is wasted.

All members have received their first emails of the year asking for volunteers for both these tasks and those with ensuring the massive junior section is fully staffed. Coaches have been trained, scorers are soon to be trained, managers identified and all the associated paperwork (CRB checks, etc) underway.

Two bag packs over the Christmas helped with fund raising. Thanks to all the parents and juniors involved. We even found a way of increasing the take through a match giving scheme run by a parent’s employer.

Schools we deal with under Chance to shine have been visited and timetabled and planning for the club’s house system at under 11 and under 13 is underway. We have even secured 160 free shirts and sponsorship of the juniors from a local dentist and CF Sports.

There is much to be done before cricket breaks out in this northern outpost. We all wait eagerly for the warmth of the sun to signal the dawn of a new season.