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Fascinating day at AGM

Posted in ECB ACO

I sit here at my computer and look out at the snow failing , as it has done in this part of North Kent, for the fourth day in a row.

There is around 45cms laying on the garden and I have not ventured out side since Monday. Fortunately our club AGM was last week, I have had plenty of time this week to write up the minutes!

November 20 was a much brighter day and the journey to Lord's for the ECB ACO Conferance was straightforward - luckily, my preferred underground route was not disrupted by the weekend's maintenance, and I arrived in good time.

The day was off to a slow start with the AGM, but moved on a pace with the workshops and closed more or less on time, although this was at the price of cutting short the last workshop, which I was disappointed about, as, for me, it was a tour of the grounds and I don't walk very fast some days.

I attended a talk with Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis, which was fascinating - I am a bit of a 'maths bod' which is what keeps me so hooked on the scoring on many occasions, and I would have loved to pick their brains for much longer as the formulae for their calculations are, for me, fascinating, although I realise not everyone would agree.

Another presentation I attended was Total Cricket Scorer - again, very interesting, as I do need to get on with computer scoring, and chatting to other scorers who use laptops for their notching, has encouraged me to get clicking.

It was also great to meet colleagues from all over the country, some familiar, many not, to hear, for example, about the way their clubs and regions are organised. It was lovely to go back to Lord's - I recalled I had attended my first ever cricket match here - but with dismay realised it was over 35 years before, where the years had gone between I have no idea - even making that comment makes sound very old!!

Appointments for next season are already coming in, even my club's end of season Presentation Evening is on the calender, although looking out the window now, summer does seem a long way off.