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Final destination

Posted in Disability Cricket

My last blog was written on the eve of our first game against Australia at the MCG. Readers will no doubt be aware that we badly underperformed on the day but turned things round the following day against South Africa to give the squad its first win in recognised international competition.

This was a historic day for the elite disabled game in England and a proud moment for all concerned.

A rest day and a day's training bridged the gap prior to the next game with South Africa. Apart from key performances with the bat from Chris Edwards and James Dickens, we again underperformed meaning a victory over Australia on Tuesday would be needed to get to the final. We also knew a point from an abandoned game would be enough.

Tuesday was a rare day - to not play gets you get to the final, despite being on the other side of the world with the sole purpose of playing cricket.

We all have to admit that we were relieved when the umpires called my Australian colleague and myself over to advise that the game would not go ahead.

I feel I need to stress, which I have also done to the players, that had they not put in the performance they did against South Africa on Friday, then the point for no play would have been irrelevant so they should take credit from that, particularly with it being our first win. I also feel we are now a better side than South Africa.

So we will all wake up in the morning looking forward to a big day.

At the players' meeting tonight I stressed the importance of playing to their potential, not playing with any fear and to give it one last go - the day itself will never come around again and we don’t want the players to waste the opportunity. If they give it their best, I can't ask for any more.

From a cricketing point of view, we have made some progress and the first win proves that to be a fact. I hope I can say the same after the final tomorrow.

It's been great to receive the constant messages of good luck from interested followers which is appreciated. I hope the boys can go one better for you.

The boys have asked me to thank Kerry Smith from Sutton CC for the racing tips and the X Factor results. They are unsure of the odds for them to win the final tomorrow, though a few seem more concerned on the current mental state of Jedward.

Much has been said this week during our down time about the X Factor. Personally I don’t watch it and can't contribute much to the discussions. I have been getting ribbed this week though for admitting to enjoying Dancing on Ice. It will no doubt cost me 20 dollars from the fines committee.

Time for sleep ready for tomorrow's big day.