Final hopes washed out

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January 11 was our last round of state matches. We got to play a day-night match on Adelaide Oval, which was pretty special. This game was massive as there were three teams that could make the final to play NSW if results went their way.

We got off to a steady start but Shelly and Julie Woener picked up the run rate and made batting look easy. During the first drinks break the announcer told us that WA had just beaten Queensland which meant that if we won against Victoria then we would make the final!

At the end of our 50 overs we had 260 runs on the board, which was good to create scoreboard pressure. Victoria came out fighting and Verlani played some great attacking shots early.

We got the breakthrough we were looking for when Mel Jones swept a ball on the full to Fiona McDonald at square leg. We managed to pick two more quick wickets up before and after drinks and from there they had no answer to our bowling and fielding.

We bowled them out in the 35th over for 112 before the lights had even taken effect, and we were through to play at the SCG against Batesy's team (NSW) in the National League final.

January 15 I flew down to Wagga Wagga (which there is a saying, double the fun twice the entertainment) for a girls coaching camp. The first day at the camp, it must have been at least 40 degrees, it was so hot. The camp was for 10-16 years olds and they knocked my confidence when I was bowling my spin as the kids kept hitting me out the park and it was back to ‘Tonk a Pom’ for the day.

Wagga Wagga is country NSW and as you can be driving a very long distance between towns and cities I was taught a new game called ‘Hey Cow’. Every time you pass a cow field you have to wind down your window and shout 'HEY COW' as loud as you can - and however many cows turn and look at you that’s the number of points you get. Such a random game but a funny way to pass some time.

Thursday afternoon we left the bright and sunny Wagga Wagga for our long drive home, which was expected to take around four and a half hours. I find it quite strange how you can be in the same state but yet the weather is so different as when I got home to Sydney at 9pm (took five hours to get home) it was raining and had been for most of the week.

Friday I met up with the SA girls for our final on the Saturday. It was sort of a home final for me as it was been played at the SCG. Well from 1pm that afternoon it didn’t stop raining at all. Saturday morning was so frustrating waking up to more rain.

We headed to the ground and managed to get on the ground and start warming up an hour later then we were due to. We all ready to go and were watching Roulton and Stlaker about to toss the coin when the heavens opened again and the groundstaff came rushing onto the field. We waited another four hours watching the rain before the umpires decided to call off the game, which meant NSW win the competition as they were on top of the table. Fair enough they deserve to win as they were top but not to get a shot at playing them in the final was quite difficult for us.

I left the South Australian girls on Sunday and it will be quite strange playing four of them when our England - Australia series starts in a week’s time. We are all really excited about the up and coming games and can’t wait to meet up with the rest of the team.