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Getting on our bikes for NWCF

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2012

With only two weeks to go, planning for our big day on April 1 is in full flow.

In addition to the value we hope to gain from NatWest CricketForce through projects on the day, we continue to hold fundraising events to help us complete our Community Pavilion redevelopment – and to help promote our event.

Last Sunday afternoon at 1pm we finished our 24 hour non-stop “Bike-a-thon” challenge.

Ninety-six members and friends of Copley Cricket Club cycled 1,320 km in 24 hours – on two static exercise bikes, cycling in 30 minute relays – in the Murgatroyd Arms in Skircoat Green near Copley in Halifax.

This was just enough to achieve our objective of cycling from Copley to every Test ground in England and Wales within 24 hours.

There was some pressure on the last pair of cyclists who were supported by quite a crowd to cheer them over the line.

It was a tremendous community event – in keeping with the spirit of NatWest CricketForce – with cyclists of all ages and abilities taking part.

The event has helped publicise NatWest CricketForce in Halifax and has also raised a lot of money with every cyclist trying to raise sponsorship for their individual efforts and the overall challenge.

There hasn’t yet been time to establish how much has been raised but it is estimated to be around £5,000.