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Getting warmer

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2009

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog. Hopefully it will be a busy but successful one.

As our NatWest CricketForce 2009 seminar draws ever closer - 23rd January - Highway Cricket Club in Coventry are beginning to buzz about the ECB initiative.

With a list of projects prioritised, it has been decided that the refurbishment/redesign/re-everything of the old (believe me… old) snooker/bar facility will be the focal point of the project, which will include a new scorebox adjoining the new facility.

The idea is that we can create a friendly environment for club members and spectators alike, with a comfortable, modern, safe and self-created environment.

The NWCF committee are working hard to involve local businesses in the project, as well as getting the interest of the club membership (which can be harder than any businesses) so that the day can be a massive success, and leave the lasting legacy for generations to come.

Highway CC

This area will soon be transformed into a members' viewing area, lounge and scorebox

We held our annual cricket club AGM recently and we deliberately pitched the meeting in the cold/dark/tatty snooker room (to be refurbished), so that the members who may have neglected the facility can see the potential of the abandoned room. The meeting had a strong NWCF theme, and it seemed that every question had the same answer…

“How can the social club attract more members?”
“How can we begin to climb the league structure?”
“What can we do to give our club the edge over others?”

You know the answer, but people genuinely seemed interested (anytime there is a barrage of questions from our cricket section, they must be interested).

So with the 23rd approaching, the club is gearing up for their biggest night ever, as the seminar will map out how the club will be for years to come.

In terms of the children’s game Hide-and-Seek, we are definitely getting warmer!