Going our separate ways and heading home

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Jenny Gunn

Jenny and Amazing Race team-mate try to form a pyramid

Getting back to Sydney was good and it was a great feeling to get home after such a busy tour. I felt quite lost for the first couple of days as it was strange not been told a place and time to be all the while.

March 9 I was back playing grade cricket against Universities. It was quite weird as I was playing against Ros Kember who only just got in form NZ that morning. We were bowling first and even though they had a good opening partnership we managed to get back in the game with some quick wickets. From 100 for one off 20 overs to being 166 all out.

We didn’t get off to the best of starts losing Midge and Gossy in the third over. Claire Koski and I tired to get us back on track and were going along quite well until a dodgy decision saw the end of Claire followed shortly after by me. Wickets tumbled in the middle but a late flight back saw us lose by 30 runs which was closer then we thought we were ever going to get. It is a strange feeling now not having any cricket for a month but looking forward to a short rest.

March 14 I helped do a bit of coaching for New South Wales and wasn’t surprised when a few of the kids started talking in a Pommy accent. We had to drop some kit back to one of the other coaches and when we got there he introduced Rene Farrell as a Breakers and Aussie U21 player and then myself as an England Ashes winner and was slightly shocked when all the kids booed me!

March 17 a few of the Aussie girls arranged an Amazing Race. Each team had three members and had to go around the city performing tasks and gain the next clue to get to the finish; as it was St Patrick’s Day we had to wear something Irish. Lydia and Beth’s team went all out and dressed up as pints of Guinness. One of the first tasks was to perform a three-person pyramid which my team struggled slightly on as we were one short!

My team came last as the Aussie in my team knew nowhere in the city but to be fair we did stop for lunch when everyone else was running around the city to get to the finish first.

I flew over to Perth on March 21 and it was quite good to catch up with Charlotte Horton (Chappy or Stretch the WA girls call her). I was only there for a couple of days but we managed to go to the Barmy Army head quarters when they are in Perth which is called the Lucky Shag bar, which was really nice and was right on the water.

My flight back wasn’t the best as there was quite a lot of turbulence and then when we landed there was a massive thunderstorm which meant we were stuck on the tarmac for an hour (I haven’t had much luck this year with storms).

Beth and I took a little trip to the Blue Mountains and I have never done so much walking. We arrived early morning at a place called the Three Sisters.

Jenny Gunn Three Sisters

The Three Rocks are known as the sisters due to Aboriginal legend. A witch doctor cast a spell on them to protect them from harm and remained there as a reminder of the tale today.

Just before we had to leave our house we arranged a house cooling party as our leaving do. Everyone had to dress us as something/someone British.

Jenny Gunn

The five Pom’s dressed up as the Spice Girls even though Isa looked more like Tina Turner. We had Robin Hood, The Queen’s guards, Mr Bean, Oasis and so many more as in total around 30 people turned up.

In my final week in Australia we moved out of our apartment and went our separate ways. It was quite difficult moving out as it has become our home for the past six months but it was actually quite hard work moving everything out. I found out three days before that the two girls I was going to stay with were also moving house. Well I got my fitness work in as their old place was a unit on the third floor with no lift - so walking up and down there all day with heavy items was hard work!

I can’t believe how quick the last six weeks have gone by, as it doesn’t seem that long since we were on tour. We all met at the airport and were slightly shocked when there were eight of our Aussie friends to see us off. It was quite a difficult time saying bye, much harder then I thought it would be and don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

The 24-hour plane journey actually went pretty quickly and before I knew it we were in a very cold England. It was quite funny as it was practically off the plane and to the ground for our first league game of the season. I’m just hoping for some warmer weather pretty soon!