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Drenched at the swimming club

Posted in England Women

Despite cricket coming thick and fast, we took time out for our team dinner the night before the first Twenty20.

We went to the Colombo Swimming Club - it was lovely to be eating outside but had to run for cover when the heavens opened.

After dinner there was a quiz where everyone was split up into three teams. I quickly realised that the other two teams were quizmasters and we might be up against it.

We all drew the conclusion earlier in the tour that Anya (Shrubsole) goes ten pin bowling on the weekends. Now we think she secretly goes to quizzes as she seemed to know all the answers and loved it.

All three teams were going steadily and it came down to the last round which was movies. We were a bit stuck with the very last question but a random person helped us out. Our physio thought it was in code when really they had just told us the answer. That would have seen us finish second. As the Sri Lankans would say, our physio had a proper goo gamba.

Our first T20 was quite strange as we didn’t start till 10am. As the president was being sworn in a lot of the roads were closed, so we left the hotel at 7.15am and got to the ground two and a half hours early.

There wasn’t too much to do until the warm up started when there was a good buzz around the team. Everyone seemed excited.

Sri Lanka decided to bat first but we got off to a great start when (Dani) Hazell got the breakthrough once again getting their opener stumped. We went on to get two more wickets in that over which really got us going.

Before we knew it 20 overs were up and we could have a little rest and set about our run chase. We needed 94 to win and Lottie (Charlotte Edwards) and Boggy (Laura Marsh) got us off to a flyer, putting on 73 for the first wicket with some really exciting cricket shots.

I had to laugh when Boggy smashed one over the top - a shot which on most grounds would be one bounce four. But this was like a nine iron. It just stopped in the ground and they picked up two.

We went on to win the game by eight wickets to end a very pleasing day.

Lydia Greenway

Lydia pulled our physio's leg by pretending to be a local journalist asking for an interview with one of the team

That afternoon we were bored so Lydia decided to ring our physio and pretend to be a journalist asking for an interview with one of the girls. She didn’t have a clue and said that they should speak to our media manager to which Lydia said it would be just easier to give our physio her phone number so she could ring them back. It wasn’t until Lyd gave the number as 0 1 2 3 4 5 that she realised it was us lot messing around.

Saturday was our last training session of the tour and I must say it wasn’t one of my favourites. We started dead on 2pm and for a change we had thunder and lightning. On a positive note the rain didn’t set in until 4pm but it didn’t stop for hours which was a little worrying as the ground isn’t the best at draining.

We arrived for our second T20 just after 8am on Sunday but were told the outfield was still too wet. Out of nowhere the groundsmen appeared and put the covers on, despite it being sunny, only for it to hammer it down five minutes later. We hung around for five hours until they decided to call the game off.

With a free afternoon a few of us decided to go on a tuk-tuk trip to visit a Buddhist temple and just see the sights of Colombo.

Walking back to the hotel we came across a street cricket match which we quickly joined in with. I managed to have a bat but hit the first ball straight onto the railway line. I think that was a bit better than Isa’s (Guha) first ball which she smashed into a window where it got stuck.

So many kids and adults came rushing over wanting to get us out. It was good fun, even if we did have to stop for taxis to get past.

We now have our fingers crossed hoping the rain stops so that we can play our last two T20s tomorrow.

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