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Hiding under a table...again

Posted in England Women

The night before a game we usually go out for a team meal so before our first ODI last Sunday we met up to go to ‘The Cricket Club’ - one of the famous sports clubs in Sri Lanka.

When our coach hadn’t arrived after 20 minutes we decided to walk as apparently it was only five minutes away. It turned out that wasn’t the case as our liaison officer was thinking of a different venue, so we had to walk back to our hotel and get taxis.

We got a little worried when our taxi driver drove past The Cricket Club - he was following the taxi in front as he thought they were with us. Luckily we had saw it otherwise we could have ended up anywhere.

Arriving at the ground we went through our normal warm up. One of the joys of being an all-rounder is that you do a bit of everything. The down side is the frustration when you have taken all that time to prepare to field only to up being put into bat first.

However, it was nice to be able to relax in the cool changing room and watch the game.

We didn’t get off to the best of starts but I came in at five and with Tails (Claire Taylor) set about rebuilding our innings. Tails was in the zone and as the outfield was pretty slow we had to run loads.

I was slightly amused when someone’s mum and brother walked straight behind the bowler's arm and play had to be stopped.

After our second drinks break I hit a massive wall due to the hot and humid conditions. I don’t just mean just any wall, I mean a massive brick wall, head on.

Sri Lanka's batsmen came after us right from ball one and really took it to our bowlers. With the pitch being slow and low it wasn’t long before our spinners were on and it was Dani Hazell who got the breakthrough when they hit the ball straight to long on.

Danielle Hazell

Dani has bowled brilliantly in Sri Lanka but some people in the squad still can't understand what she's talking about

Dani went on to take her best figures of 3-22 and in partnership with Boggy (Laura Marsh) managed to raise the run rate.

We felt in control but when they hit 16 in the 48th over it made the game much closer.

Sri Lanka then required ten off the last over and I was given the reasonability to bowl it.

I got a wicket with the fifth ball to leave them needing six to win - I was pleased to bowl a dot ball to win the game. I think it was the most tiring game of cricket I have ever played in.

After the game it was the normal ice baths which in that heat was lovely, even if there were massive icebergs in it.

It was just my luck that a storm was brewing outside and as soon as we got on the bus there were flashes of lightning everywhere and heavy rain.

I had to hide under a table once again.

We have a bit of a language barrier in our team at the moment as some of the new players are struggling to understand Dani.

She is from Durham and says things like ‘I cannae do it, like’ or ‘why aye man’. Susie Rowe and Fran Wilson just look at her so I try to translate, but I’m not sure my Midlands accent is always fully understood.

Our second ODI on Wednesday was quite strange as we warmed up in bright sunshine, really hot conditions, when all of a sudden the groundsmen (and women) started to pull the covers on.

They covered the whole square despite it being sunny. But within ten minutes we were all running for cover as heavy rain set in. It was interesting to see how they mopped the water up using giant foam sponges and to be fair they did a great job.

England women

We were pleased to win the one-day series against Sri Lanka but we still have the three Twenty20 matches left

We warmed up again, won the toss and were bowling first. We didn’t get off to a great start but the spinners pulled it back and got the breakthrough we were looking for.

Lottie (Charlotte Edwards) made history by becoming the most capped female cricketer of all-time and marked the occasion by setting new best bowling figures.

Due to the delayed start it was a quick change around for us to get into bat.

We were going steady when everyone started walking off after nine overs. The umpires had called bad light which none of us had ever experienced before. We really didn’t think it was that bad but after half an hour heavy rain set in and the match was abandoned.

It was a disappointing end to the day but we still have three Twenty20s which everyone is excited about.