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Indoor and out

Posted in Disability Cricket

England Deaf Squad have now completed their indoor training for the winter with our final camp taking place earlier this month at Shrewsbury School.

Following on from previous training camps, I felt it was the right time for us as a squad, both players and management, to expand on my coaching philosophy of 'Success = environment + communication + discipline + enjoyment' and agree what 'success' means for us all.

Similar discussions took place around 'Environment' and 'Discpline'. This group session took place after the first day of training.

The weekend commenced with a net session with time built in later for individuals to work on particular aspects of their game. Prior to this, each player was presented with updated footage and notes to ensure they focussed specifically on this feedback. This was time well spent with each player being disciplined and committed to the session.

Day two started with some group discussion around the importance of body language, led by Ron Young. The squad watched parts of the ECB's body language DVD as part of this exercise. This is an important issue for the squad and an area we will continue to focus on.

The body language session led nicely into the fitness session lead by physio Kate Peckham. The findings from this session will form part of the feedback process and the players' individual programmes.

A dismissal net - batters replaced if dismissed, bowlers to be replaced for two poor consecutive deliveries, provided the intensity needed for the final session of the weekend.

So that’s our winter training over with.

Along with players enjoying each session, the work rate and commitment to each training weekend has been excellent. Discipline and responsibility away from the camps is crucial if we are to achieve our goals - based around the feedback process and players' individual programmes.

I am delighted with the progress so far.

Thanks for reading.