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Food for thought

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2009

Another meeting has come and gone.

We changed the venue this time as one of my lot kept complaining that every time he came to mine it chucked it down and as a lake the size of Windermere always appears at the bottom of my drive (don't ask – blame the telephone company who put up the telephone pole!) he took exception to wearing waders to get out of his car.

So I drove to his and guess what? It didn't rain at all. I think there is some sort of karma there.

When I walked into his lounge, it appeared very hazy and an odd smell greeted me. Were they up to no good?

"Half of us are ill," they moaned. “But we have all got up from our sick beds to be here, dosing ourselves with huge amounts of paracetamol and slapping on the eucalyptus oil."
Dear God, that was the smell.

Still what brave little soldiers they are, I thought. Then I realised - hot sausage rolls were on offer along with, you guessed it, chocolate biscuits, although it looked to me as if those with really sore throats were just licking the chocolate off them!

Still, down to business. We seem to have run away with ourselves on the project front and so are trying to concentrate on what is really important.

Money is an issue as we have only a very small budget and although a few companies have come on board, we have had very little in the way of help from the majority who have been contacted.

Of course, this year is probably the worst time of all to be asking for cost price goods and donations. Still, we have made lists and more lists - being a Virgo I am very good at this - but once I have a list in hand, I still run around like a headless chicken!

Over the next ten days or so, we hope to source most of the goods and items we need for our projects.

Chance to shine schools - these will be followed up to see how many children we can actually expect.

We talked about the feeding all of our volunteers. This is one of my favourite subjects – food. Then there's alcohol, then clothes, then warm days lying on the beach next to Johnny Depp, oops, sorry went off into dreamland for a second. This is what having little sleep does to your brain.

We will attempt at getting some cost price food from the remaining supermarkets we haven't yet contacted as we have had no luck so far.

Anglia TV will send a camera and reporter along on the Sunday. We will also have the local press along too.

Things are coming together and we all feel that we are well on the way now to a fantastic time.

Another meeting arranged – another trolley full of chocolate biscuits needed! Hey ho!

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