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May the CricketForce be with you

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2009

March 14

I have woken up and lie there thinking my God, it's Sunday already, and have that 'Monday is looming' feeling. What am I going to do today? More to the point, what did I do yesterday? Yes, what did I do yesterday? I can't remember. I now know I am definitely losing it. But, suddenly I realise its Saturday, not Sunday. CricketForce has a lot to answer for.

March 17

Last meeting with Dave Leighton – he thought we had worked hard enough so we could have our presents that he had promised us. We let him have first pick of the chocolate biscuits so I am sure this helped. Everyone is happy with the progress we have made although we have taken on a huge commitment with our 15 projects. Yes, that's right 15, surely we couldn't have all been sober when these were all mentioned? We do feel we can achieve a lot of these over the CricketForce weekend - the others will be completed over Easter. Right, so no time off yet then.

March 21

Spent the whole weekend at the ground digging holes for fence posts. We have at least 65 to go in. Are we mad – how much fencing have we got? Our very old creaky portacabin had to go to make way for the new changing facilities, so a demolition job to be done. Now it might have looked as though it was on its last legs but it took a female committee member with PMT and a large sledge hammer to finish it off. No wonder the men ran for cover. Time for lunch - bacon and egg roll washed down with a cuppa. Then it was back outside to clear up all the mess. "Just prise that hammer out of that woman's hand before we go any further,” shouted one of our chaps. Hmm, Health & Safety could come into play here, so offending object removed from her grip.

Ipswich CC

Ipswich do some preparation work ahead of the forthcoming NatWest CricketForce weekend

March 23

Countdown has begun – 11 days to go. Meeting of sub-committee to pull everything together. We have some very posh chocolate biscuits on the table, must be left overs from Christmas. I need to put final orders in for materials and items such as a cement mixer, pressure washer, platform step and road pins. Hold on, surely I have gone wrong somewhere. Shouldn't I be shopping for handbags and clothes? Apparently not! Life can be very hard on a girl.

March 26

Small committee meeting to pull the programme together – good job one of them worked on a newspaper for several years, wording, photographs and text boxes flying about all over the laptop. Still, after three and a half hours of assembling done, one person said: “I don't know why we are worrying about it so much, most of these will probably end up fluttering in the wind on Sunday afternoon." Still, it's nice to make the effort.

March 27

Have spent today ringing around to get everyone's advertising in place. Confirmed - St John's Ambulance will be attending – great. Had a phone call that the band that were coming along cannot now make it. The drummer has tendinitis so can't do any drumming. Any budding drummers out there? Still we will have music throughout the day via our disco but just need to sort out appropriate songs. What about 'How To Save A Life' by the health & safety crew? Or 'Hot And Cold' by the plumbers? Or 'Before I Fall To Pieces' by yours truly. Only kidding, I am sure it will be great.

Final weekend coming up before the most exciting event of our young cricketing history takes place. Can I say here and now, thanks to the following who, without them, a lot of our projects wouldn't have got off the ground: NatWest, Durant Cricket and Daktronics, Johnsons Tiles, Ken Madder, Brett Aggregates, Kingpin Bowling, Ipswich Tyre Group, Suffolk Wire, Bonfield Builders, Johnjac, Dulux Decorator Centre, Green Farm Clinic, Chantry Butchers, Speedy Hire, Sovereign Turf, Buildbase, HSS hire, Michael Duley, East of England Co-op, Coes and Suffolk Police. Also many thanks to our President, Chairman, Vice Chairman and both senior players and junior parents who have donated funds so generously. Thanks also to Dave Leighton and his team for giving us this great opportunity. We will do our very best to make this a huge success and to ensure we leave a legacy for our next generation of cricketers. Also good luck to all the other showcase clubs in whatever projects they undertake.

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