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It's getting hectic at Hertford

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2008

It’s been a busy three weeks since we had our first meeting with Dave Leighton from the ECB. I write as final preparations are being put in place before Mr Leighton and the rest of our CricketForce crew address our assembled members and friends tonight.

Emails have been sent; phone calls made; a big turnout is now hoped for. Tonight will be our first true gauge of where we are with our event.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised. If the response is anything like what we have had from local organisations and those companies affiliated with CricketForce, I should have no worries.

Following our initial meeting with Dave, a CricketForce steering committee has been pulled together. This comprises of three committee members, plus the club captain’s wife.

The suggestion of getting a woman on board has certainly been a wise one. Her phone abilities and knowledge of the building trade far surpass anything the rest of us have!

The projects are all but finalised, so focus is now on obtaining materials and expertise. A tiler and kitchen units are fairly high on the priority list.

A fellow committee member has called this a chance in a generation for Hertford. A view I fully endorse. Hopefully the rest of the club will be brought on board this evening.

Bring on April 4!