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Let's go and win it

Posted in England Women

It is good that we’ve made the World Cup Final. But now that we’ve made it we want to win it – there’s no question about that. We’re not here to come second.

I’ve been in a few finals at Lord’s and if you finish second it’s worse than finishing fourth. All the business about ‘well, we got there’ is rubbish. When you get there you’ve got to win it.

We’re going to keep our unbeaten run if we can when we face Australia tomorrow – we’re currently on 17 matches so we’re going to try and keep that.

We want to beat the Australians – they’re the old enemy – we don’t want them to do us because whatever happens if we win the World Cup they will always say that they beat us and we don’t want that to happen.

The girls are working hard in training– they don’t need any encouragement. They’re very disciplined, they work hard, they train hard and they’re very fit. We just need them to play to their potential and we need a couple of good performances from some of the number six, seven and eight batters.

We don’t want to rely on Tails [Claire Taylor] like we did yesterday. She played an innings yesterday against the West Indies which was one of the best I’ve seen in any class of cricket. She just came in and dominated.

We were in a bit of trouble – we weren’t going to get enough runs and she came in and got 60 odd in about 50 balls. So we need someone else to do that because if they nick her out somebody else has got to take over the mantle and do it.

Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor hits out during her rapid half-century against West Indies at Drummoyne on Tuesday

Laura [Marsh] has been sensational considering she’s only been bowling off-spin for a year – she’s getting better and better with each performance. She’s the leading wicket taker so far at this World Cup and that is testament to her hard work. She has been so easy to work with because she’s been so keen.

Some of the best off-spinners in the world in men’s cricket started off as seamers so the action to start with is OK and then you’ve just got to talk about how to get people out with the spin and the grip of the ball. But she gets a good spin on the ball and her work rate is exceptional.

Tails is the only player out here to have scored a hundred. If she’d had a bit more time yesterday she probably could have got another one. But it would be nice for some of the batters in the side to score big. I’d like Lydia [Greenway] to do well - she’s worked hard at her game she’s looked good in the nets. She needs a score, Jenny [Gunn] needs a score while Beth [Morgan] played well the other day but we need them to be a bit more consistent. Laura came in and hit two balls and got two fours, well that’s what we need to win the cup – those kind of cameos.

We beat New Zealand recently, who we are likely to be facing and we’ll know tomorrow, but they are a dangerous side. I don’t think they’re as skilful as us, but they’re very passionate about winning for New Zealand – they’ve got lots of patriotic qualities. They hit the ball hard and there are some big girls amongst them. They’re all pretty dangerous from one to eleven, they all come in and hit the ball hard, so even if you get five or six out you know there’s still depth to come. We’ve therefore got keep at them for the full fifty overs. We know we can win and that’s what we intend to do.

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