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Like finding dolphins in a desert

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2009


Keith (I love Cornish pasties and jam doughnuts) and I spent most of the day visiting timber merchants and other such companies to meet and greet and to ask for their best possible prices on materials needed for our projects. Some were more enthusiastic than others.

We also called into a few more supermarkets to discuss our catering needs. These visits were not so successful. Alas, if you are not a corporate body or a charity, it seems you really do not exist in their eyes. Still it gave me a chance to compare prices of chocolate biscuits!!


Full Management Committee Meeting. We explained about our expanding list of projects and our very tiny budget. Good news, we have been allowed to raid the club's money box and have just a few more pennies to spend.


Spent most of my day, on the telephone, (apart from when I was washing the kitchen floor and emailing) listening to some very whimsical and sometimes downright odd music whilst being placed on hold. You see I was trying to source a trench cutter for our drainage project. Yes, I know, you are totally overwhelmed by my days of absolute fun, but even though sourcing trench cutters in Suffolk appear to be like finding dolphins in a desert, I was determined to find one.

Success! We can have one for the whole weekend (whoopee) and the hire cost will be a day's rate for the two days, so quite a saving.


Four of us met up to discuss actual material requirements for our projects. This was a long, long meeting. I never knew that 4 x 2 treated timber, wood screws, thickness of decking boards, drill bits, etc etc could be SO exciting. I would just like to say here and now, I would be an absolute dream for some DIY fanatic to take out for an evening. I would be able to understand exactly what chamfered spindles and close board gates, ledged and braced would mean!


Full sub-committee meeting in readiness for meeting with Dave Leighton (our own Santa) on March 17. Huge amount to discuss. Projects – materials, volunteers, costs, timings etc. Food, still a slight worry, we have a couple more avenues to explore but won't know for another week if we have been successful.

Health and Safety – fairly large issue, but hopefully this is now covered and we will do all we can to not put anyone in danger. We do though have one senior club member who just by saying “I will do some painting”, could put the whole club in serious jeopardy so he will absolutely NOT be put on car parking duties.

First Aid - antiseptic, plasters and large needles ordered! Timetable required. Discussions a plenty, fluid timings which I will send to ECB. Juniors, confirmation of numbers. What about having a programme printed for the weekend? Will get on to this – have three people in mind to pull this together.

Music and media – fairly well covered, though again, timings needed to be confirmed. Weather – what happens if it rains – trying to source some scout tents (without the scouts) so at least everyone can keep dry if we have a downpour. If it rains all day? DON'T EVEN THINK IT!

Meeting ended at approx 10.15pm and in that time approx 30 chocolate biscuits eaten. Before meeting, committee discussing where decking area to be placed.

Ipswich CC

Can you spot the chocolate biscuit? I fear it has become an obsession with some!

So, onwards and upwards, still loads to think about and do - I would just like to thank my sub-committee for all the work they are doing – it is so appreciated. It's hard work guys but I know at the end of the day Ipswich CC will give 100 per cent to NatWest CricketForce 2009.

Linda Norton – Chair – Sub Com