Like our widget?

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Not sure when the term widget was first used? Was it at the bottom of a beer can before it crept into IT-speak?

My ageing Oxford Reference Dictionary has nothing listed after 'widgeon'. And while we might be able to extend some lame duck metaphor into our cricketing sphere, it's not very helpful and I clearly need to update my library.

Anyway, we all know what we mean, even if we don't know quite what we mean at the same time. And if we announce we now have a nice new Live Scores Widget available on our site, then you hopefully get our drift and will fancy having a look. It does pretty much what you'd expect, allowing you to port our live scores feed on to your own website or blog using a cricket scores application; pick the teams you want to follow, as many as you like, and generate the HTML code to embed in your site. And you can have a red or blue skin too!

It's the first of a few new developmemts for 2009 as we try and extend both the functionality of the site, and the breadth of our content. And we want to know what you think, so make sure you fill in the What do you think of the ECB Live Scores Widget? form too as we value your feedback. We get lots of it every day via email, and try to answer everything as swiftly as possible. But we've also created a new feedback form, snappily titled Please tell us what do you think of the ECB site? - so if you have two minutes, we're keen to hear what you have to say on various matters.

Anyone registered as at least an entry level TwelfthMan member can also post comments on our blogs or all our news items; and that registration also allows you to get the regular TwelfthMan Extra in your inbox, so it's well worth it.

Also coming soon are some enhancements to our scores service, adding extra information like over-by-over snail trails and event alerts (100s, 50s and the like), starbursts, and tweaking the design of scorecards and our live scoreboard too.... just in time for the busiest summer of cricket ever seen in England and Wales!

Ahead of that our resident ECBtv producer Barney Douglas is following the England team around the Caribbean, helping to top off our coverage of that tour with some top-class video footage from the camp. Our new Flash video players allow us to embed far more of that within news items now, making it easier for you to find relevant content as you browse; see Prior takes referrals in his stride as an example.

We'll be doing likewise - video, words, scores, player and staff blogs and pics - from the Lions tour to New Zealand and following England Women's assault on the ICC Women's World Cup in March. Trust us, you won't see more coverage anywhere else.

And while we made strides to extend what we did across both the Domestic and Non First Class scenes in summer 2008, we'll be pushing the boundaries even further in 2009; while understandable focus will fall on the ICC World Twenty20 2009 and England's eagerly awaited campaigns v West Indies and Australia as the summer rolls on.

That will include more and more blogs, including those written by ECB personnel as we try and demystify what we do across various areas of activity; but there are also some interesting bloggers invited from within the grassroots of the game, particularly on NatWest CricketForce 2009 that are well worth a read, and make you realise just how vibrant cricket is nationwide at the start of this exciting 12 months for the sport.