Long-term benefit of green projects

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With the world coming to England for Twenty20 cricket it is worth considering other global scale issues.

How do we navigate our way through this economic crisis?

Can we make sound decisions and investments that not only make sense in the present but could have real long term benefits?

Is it logical to invest now to save later given the current economic climate?

There are projects that can deliver such long-term gains, one such area being low-cost 'green' technologies and products.

The cost of water and energy consumption are real economic pressures. Water resources are finite, we cannot make more and so we must look at how we can save, recycle and capture this resource.

Reducing the amount of litres flushed or installing new systems with smaller capacities will reduce consumption. Aerating taps and showers and waterless urinals are all good ideas. Of course, if you can harvest rainfall off the roof and hard surfaces, you can save and use water that is free.

Producing hot water and artificial lighting are two major consumers of energy costs on both can be reduced by investing in more efficient systems of heating and sun pipes can light up dark internal spaces during daylight hours or alternatively use low-energy lighting.

Good insulation helps retain the heat you do need to produce, as does good quality glazing.

With legislation post the Kyoto agreement planning to have all non-domestic buildings creating as much energy as they use by 2019, it is never to early to consider these matters.

This technology is not hard to find any more and many of the solutions are available from main stockists like the Build Centre