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My home away from home

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On a cold Tuesday evening we all met up at Heathrow airport ready for the long flight to Australia. We flew on December 28th which was nice as we could spend Christmas with our families and then get out of the horrible cold and into the heat.

Australia is one of my favourite places to tour and we start off in Perth which is like a second home to me after I played state cricket out here a couple of years ago. We arrived at 1.30am and even though we couldn’t wait for our beds it was so nice walking outside in just a T-shirt and feeling some heat.

Our first training session was at the WACA and it was a cool 40 degrees. It was so nice to get out on grass and be training outside again. We only had two training sessions before we got into two warm-up matches against the Western Fury and I was expecting a lot of stick off them after playing for them.

At Christmas my cousin brought round Just Dance for the Wii and it was such good fun that we decided it might be some good entertainment and team bonding on tour. We have some good dancers in our team but get them on this game and even the worse dancers can beat them. It’s so funny watching everyone bust their moves and I recommend everyone giving it ago. Tthey haven’t updated it with Swanny’s sprinkle yet.

We batted first in game one and even before we were on the field I was getting told by the opposition that blue England colours don’t suit me and I need to come back to the yellow kit. It was going to be a long day.

Charlotte and Heather (Knight) opened and even though we were only on 20 after ten overs we kicked on from there with both of them retiring after getting us to 100 for no wicket.

Lydia (Greenway) and Tails (Claire Taylor) came in next and they both looked like they had been out here for months as they were straight into their strides.

Thanks to the solid start by the top four it meant we could really go for it towards the end. Katherine (Brunt) came in towards the end and hit one of the biggest sixes you will see in the women’s game. Anyone who knows Katherine will know that she likes to talk you through everything when she does something good, so it was funny when she said her six came off the toe and it was against the wind.

Western Fury were chasing 286 and after getting 13 from the first over we pulled it back well and our bowlers started to put the pressure on the batters. We bowled them out for 170 and it was good to get some miles in the legs and get the feel for moving around in the field again.

We were back again the next day to do it all again. We were batting first again but this time we got off to a flyer and in the 12th over Charlotte retired on 48 and put us into a really strong position. The batting order had been shuffled around but we still managed to get up to 246.

We took wickets early but then we came across Burns who decided she was going to bat like a Test match. She blocked the ball for so long and no matter what we did or tried she wasn’t going anywhere. She even started chatting back to the bowlers. It was strange to see an Aussie not give it a smack but we ended up bowling them out for around 120 to end a very long day.

As recovery half the team went to the beach. I’m not the biggest fan but being ‘the local’ I was given the role of navigator for our journey home. Everyone went into the ocean whilst I sat on the beach minding the bags as they picked a perfect shark time - after dusk - to go in the water, so I was happy on land.

We now have one more training day before we have our first ODI and we are all excited to get out on the WACA and start the series.

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