Partridge in a pair tree

Posted in ECB ACO

The season has begun to compete with football, the evenings are closing in, the weather has deteriorated, and finding 26 people for a game of cricket is getting increasingly difficult.

Talk is now moving to more study in the winter - when and where courses will be held, AGM's presentation nights, winter nets. I would like to move onto the next stage of scorer training but there is not a course available at the moment.

I feel I am working quite efficiently now, with smooth movements I work my way around the score sheet, each ball is recorded, times of events like FOW or, more recently, RSP!, balls faced, balls bowled, partnerships and landmark strokes are noted as second nature; such a shame there are only a few weeks left - I have just about got the hang of this!

I need to fire up the 'Sat Nav' again tomorrow, they can be a boon or a pain - so I usually take written directions as well. It took me to an MCC match on Sunday (after all the rain on saturday the day blossomed into glorious sunshine) but goodness knows where we were!

I have a few great matches to come and am looking forward to them, wherever they are!

Some of them have been from last minute pleas to help out - seems that once 22 men have been signed up someone says 'Oh we need two umpires' ... then suddenly someone remembers:'hang on, we need someone to keep score!"

So, on my list for the next month there are: four days at Canterbury, three league matches, two days in Basingstoke, one day at Dulwich College, and a partridge in a pair tree! (Local rules say this counts as a six!)