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Preparing for the summer

Posted in ECB ACO

Cold, dark, sunless days may not seem the appropriate time to think of cricket scoring in the warm summer says ahead. Nevertheless, there are two groups of scorers who should be thinking ahead.

For the prospective scorer, keen to become involved, there are two options. One is to contact your local County Association and enquire about classroom based courses for the level 1 qualification.

If courses are not available, the other option is to apply to where you can find an initial story of an innings to score and a registration form to undertake a correspondence course.

When you have completed both, forward to the course administrator - Mrs Lynn Allen, The Scorebox, 8 Longleat Court, Great Holm, Milton Keynes MK8 9HD.

The course has sound advice and practical scoring exercises spread over six tasks and will prepare you for scoring for your local club. It has proved very popular with new scorers. Some of the initial equipment you will need to conduct the course is a pencil and rubber, ruler and perhaps a calculator.

Peter Danks

For the experienced and/or club scorer it is also a busy time. The club scorer will be contacting the secretary for a league handbook to confirm fixtures and get the dates in the diary - there may be new clubs and new grounds in your league; are there any rule changes?

Other important tasks include a visit to the club scorebox. Is it clean and ready and no longer a storeroom for materials? Do the numbers work on the front of the box? If you are fortunate enough to have an electric supply to the box, is it in working order? What about improving your qualification? Access to the county secretary will identify courses.

It is no bad thing to remind yourself of the scoring procedures and laws in books such as Tom Smith’s new cricket umpiring and scoring. Is your team playing in a league where penalty runs may be awarded? Do you know what to do in all events involving the award of penalty runs?

There are independent scorers who score for several clubs and this is the time when they make themselves available to the club secretaries and on receipt of match appointments complete their diaries.

A scorer’s equipment is really a personal choice and now is the time to make sure you have it all ready. Some essential items are bull dog clips and perhaps a clipboard, ruler, calculator, pencils and/or coloured pens, correcting fluids, rubber, a clock, binoculars, notebook, something to acknowledge the umpires’ signals – a table tennis bat brightly painted is becoming popular.

The experienced scorer will have his own list having scored at away grounds where blankets, cushions, extra clothing etc are required.

Both the prospective and qualified scorer should aim to belong to the ECB ACO and read their newsletter which is published every two months.

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