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Rooming with a cowboy

Posted in England Lions

It was a good win on Friday against Pakistan A. It's always good to start off with a win especially in a three-match series. It puts all the pressure on them.

We looked like a more professional unit, executed our skills and once we got on top of them they went flat. If we execute our skills in the second match tomorrow with a few improvements then I think we will win the series.

It's been a good tour so far. It's my first time in the UAE. The conditions are different to what I am used to but it's good to test yourself. It has been quite intense but I'm looking forward to the rest of the trip.

Different conditions bring different tests as a bowler. We did a lot of work at Loughborough before the tour on how we were going to bowl out here and I think we have adapted quite well.

Twenty20 can be a bit of a lottery. In general we have talked about hitting a certain length which will be hard to get away. We are aiming for seven yards - if you hit that then you are going to get good results. You aren't going to get much lateral movement on these wickets so you have to mix it up with variations in pace and length. You have to tie the batsmen up. The Pakistan batsmen like width so we have to bowl straight.

The fast bowlers had a day off today. We have trained or played every day since we got here and bowlers need a rest every now and again. It's a chance to recharge the batteries so we can go hard again tomorrow.

I spent the day just chilling out. I had a lie-in this morning, a conditioning session with Youngy [England Lions physio Mark Young] and some treatment on my shoulder. I then watched some of Prison Break on my laptop and had a dip in the pool. I won't do much tonight. Possibly dinner in Nando's which will be about the fourth time I have been there, then an early night.

I have been on a few tours and it's important to keep yourself busy. If you get stuck in the hotel all the time it can be a bit tedious. At the same time your downtime is important too. You need to rest properly.

I am rooming with Steven Finn. I have roomed with Finny quite a few times as we went through the system together, like when we were with England Under-19s. We know each other well which is handy. We talk a bit about cricket but it's important to get a balance so we talk a fair amount of rubbish too.

He's a good roommate. He doesn't snore and lets you go to bed when you to. I wouldn't say he's lazy but he always leaves things to the last minute, like in terms of team meetings. I like to be there a bit earlier so I just leave him to it.

He always wears this sunhat which make him look like a cowboy. He wears it wherever he goes. He wears a jumper too even through it's 25 degrees. He must be mad.

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