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Scaling the heights

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Tuesday was our first day off in New Zealand, so after dealing with our emails in the morning, the management team headed off to the gondola to climb 1,000km and get a view of Christchurch from above.

England Women Christchurch

The views of the mountains, seas and harbours were breathtaking and definitely worth the trip.

Imogen Gaunt

Sue, the physio, and I headed to the Botanic Gardens on Wednesday morning before training – my nan would be proud! The players and fellow management members declined our invitation to accompany us and instead opted for coffee in the hotel bar!

On Thursday England took a 2-1 lead in the series as they overcame New Zealand by six wickets. There are two back-to-back games left to play and with rain forecast it could be an interesting end to the series.

Friday was our second day off – we seem to have had more days off in New Zealand than throughout the rest of the tour. Three of us headed to Hamner Springs for a day of relaxation in 35 degree natural pools. The only time we were out of the water was when we were eating and we ordered so much that even the chef came out to see who was eating it! How embarrassing – we saw it off though and I think that impressed him all the more!

Four of the girls headed to Akaroa to swim with dolphins! Steph (Davies) and Rosalie (Birch) opted for the dolphin experience while Isa (Guha) and Nicky (Shaw) took a boat into the harbour to see seals and dolphins in the dry! Jenny (Gunn), Beth (Morgan) and Lydia (Greenway) went punting down the river Avon for a couple of hours before the rain came. Luckily they didn’t capsize, but they did run aground on a couple of occasions!

With the rain coming down heavily on Saturday morning, most of the girls stayed in the hotel and only ventured out for a quick lunch. However Rosalie, Isa and Steph, the creative ones amongst us, headed to the Arts Centre and set about making some jewellery. When we joined them they were all engrossed in the task and shortly afterwards displayed their wares to us including a pearl bracelet by Rosalie!

That night we headed out to celebrate Jenny’s 50th cap – no mean feat for a 21 year old! We tried hard to find a leek, daffodil or dragon to present to Steph (she’s Welsh) for St. David’s Day, but unfortunately we failed miserably.

We did however manage to sneak some flowers in for Sue, the only mother on tour, from her husband and children for Mother’s Day!

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