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Scoring at Lord's

Posted in ECB ACO

I first started scoring when I was at school. It all happened very quickly, one minute I was being asked if I could score and the next thing I knew I was scoring for my year’s B team.

The next season I was asked to score for the 1st team, at the age of 13, because I was the only scorer in the school.

I’ve now been scoring for nine seasons and I’ve just completed the ECB ACO Level 2 Scorer qualification. This year I’ve scored at lots of interesting places including The Parks in Oxford and Mitcham Cricket Club, which is believed to be the oldest club in the world.

Lou Vincent

Lou Vincent hits out during the Last Man Stands finals at Lord's. The Kiwi batsman eventually finished unbeaten on 51

One of the most interesting days this season was scoring at the Last Man Stands finals which was played on the Nursery Ground at Lord’s.

In case you don’t know the format, Last Man Stands is an eight-a-side competition where each team has the opportunity to face 20 five-ball overs.

Batsmen retire not out at 50 and there are double plays, which mean that if someone is out caught, the non-striker must be in his ground at the non-striker’s end.

From a scorer’s point of view, it’s a very quick game - you have 65 minutes to bowl the 20 overs with 10 overs bowled from one end, then the other 10 from the other.

There are lots of boundaries and the potential for lots of confusion especially as the penalty for a wide or no ball, known as a penalty ball in this format, changes depending on whether it’s the first of the over or not.

Another quirk is that every run scored, except byes, counts towards the batsman on strike, so you can get some pretty quick fifties.

The day itself was really exciting - there were lots of big hits including two into the top tier of the Compton Stand.

The first game was a Corporate League Final, in which Urban Projects triumphed over Hogan Lovells by 12 runs having made a mammoth 215 for four off 20 overs.

The second game was the Save The Children Charity match. This was a 15 overs-a-side game, featuring Devon Malcolm and Lou Vincent, which ended in a tie between UBS and Herbert Smith with both teams scoring 140.

Malcolm got UBS’s innings back on track after a stumbling start with a quickfire 25 and took 1-23 with the ball, while Vincent’s unbeaten 51 didn’t quite get Herbert Smith over the line.

Devon Malcolm

Devon Malcolm, who somewhat surprisingly starred with the bat earlier in the day, prepares to hurl down a delivery

The final game of the day was the England Champions League Final. Chris Pringle easily beat Fancy Dans, who were bowled out for 131 off 15 overs, and progressed to the LMS World Championships.

It was most certainly a good but hectic day. I was in charge of operating the scoreboard, which took a while to get used to but by the end it was really easy to use.

The three games were the last of the season for me so I’m thinking about next year. Perhaps I’ll try to score for my university team.