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What direction are you going in?

Posted in Facilties and Funding

Every now and then it is important to stop, look around and ask yourself whether you are heading in the right direction.

Recently we took the time to consider a number of important questions as we sought to develop a vision statement – it may be worth you doing this as a club as well.

When we look over our shoulders in four to five years time can we categorically say we left a legacy that will make a difference to cricket in the future? What about in 40 or 50 years?

How do we individually protect the tradition of the game at the same time as modernising to ensure we are seen as a 21st century game?

Does your club cater for all the different age groups and types of people involved in cricket – whether it is children, teenagers, young adults, parents, older adults, retirees, players, spectators, officials, volunteers?

‘Creating and shaping the foundations of a new cricket landscape’ is the vision of the ECB Funding and Facilities Unit.

This vision reflects what we do now and what we seek to do in the future. We are working with existing facilities and creating brand new ones from scratch. The ‘foundations of a new cricket landscape’ will be the grassroots of the game, the environment in which we find ourselves loving the game of cricket and nurturing its future.

The key to a vision is whether other people can identify with it, share the achievements it creates and articulate it to others.

If you apply the concepts of legacy and vision to your organisation, cricket club, school or team… who is responsible for your vision and legacy? Who is protecting your game of cricket? In what direction are you going in?

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