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Snow joke living in Barnsley

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2009

“Well, looks like we’d better get the job up and running then” - the words of our chairman, Ken Green, as he laid the first brick on Saturday's excellent opening bout of 2009’s Chance to Shine Event at our Shaw Lane Ground.

Ken, a rumbustuous octogenarian, who has seen some of Barnsley, Yorkshire, and indeed England’s finest players come and go from the club, has been an enthusiastic supporter of the drive to completely turn the ground around before the start of the season.

The meetings have taken place when an estimated 60 players family and supporters turned up to view the presentation which attempted to explain the project to our members.

This was followed by negotiations with some local suppliers, notably Jewson who have supported our efforts with gusto.

Barnsley CC

Barnsley Chairman Ken Green lays the first brick as work begins to take shape at Shaw Lane

Cristian from Daktronics came to survey our ground and give us some sound advice, as well as knowing many of our players as it turned out. The deal was done and our new board will arrive and be fitted in the flurry of activity planned on 4 and 5 April. It’s amazing that when you are planning these events that the first question is “Where’s the new scoreboard going?”

Saturday dawned, the rest of the blocks got laid and the terrace has been commenced, our arch enemy, Nasty Nick from Doncaster turned saviour when he turned up with an ice bucket as he said that was the only way that he could keep his trowel cool!

The new scorers' room is taking shape, although one or two of our more amorous members suggested that its luxury should be turned to alternative use.

Ken went to preside over the catering staff and we all got busy. Plumbers, joiners and tilers appeared and promised their services for future dates.

The younger and more destructive members, led by our opening bowler, (what is it about opening bowlers?), commenced the first strip of our ancient scoreboard, which will be taken down shortly. The place elicited some memories from some of our older members who felt a bit sorry for the grand old lady. We are hoping that our life president, Dickie, will join us to officiate in its destruction soon.

By 3pm we had had our fill of hard work, Guinness and bacon sandwiches, so we retired to the bar and discussed matters further.

Monday saw the covering of snow, which had threatened to blanket the place on Sunday, arrive so now our 'bits and pieces' workers are stranded until it lifts, hopefully before our next bash on the 14 February. Strange how the dates coincide with Barnsley’s away games!.

We are indeed, off and running…

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