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Storm and Gayle in Colombo

Posted in England Women

Tuesday finally came and we seemed to be at the airport for ages before they called our flight.

We were all happy it was a night flight as it meant we managed to get some sleep and it felt like a relatively short flight.

We arrived in Colombo at two in the afternoon with the temperature at 30 degrees.

It was an hour’s drive to the hotel and it does make me laugh that we were in no rush whatsoever yet we had a police escort and even ended up on the other side of the road at one point; Sri Lanka doesn't really have traffic.

On arrival at the hotel we noticed that the West Indies men were also staying there, which suggested it was going to be a pretty awesome and it did not disappoint.

My roomie (Dani Hazell) and I decided to just chill on our first night, but our evening was quickly interrupted by an electrical storm.

Everyone who knows me knows just how scared I am of storms and I think this has to be the worse one I have ever seen.

Laura (Marsh) and Lydia (Greenway) came round to our room to check on me and we ended up with the curtains open and watching it.

Chris Gale & Suliman Benn

Chris Gayle, left, who is staying at the same hotel with West Indies, greeted England by shouting: "hey ladies"

For some reason I feel safer when I have something on my head, so there I was with a heavy pillow on my head watching a storm. There was lightning every second and I have never seen rain like it!

I can't say I really slept that night and it didn't come as a shock when we were told training was cancelled due to the rain.

I was straight back to bed and had the best two hour’s sleep before our room phone woke me up saying meet in reception in 15 minutes to head to training.

We had two lanes in an indoor school and it was like a sauna to train in, but at least we were able to get some cricket in.

The actual cricket ground was under water except for the wicket. The groundsmen walked out from the boundary to the middle and the water came up to their knees; it was that deep.

The next morning we were sitting ready to go to training when Chris Gayle walked past us all, cap on backwards, massive sunglasses on and just shouted to us, "hey ladies" in his laid-back manner.

We headed to training and it felt strange as it was sunny and hot but yet again we were indoors due to the rain storm. This time we had a four-laned hall and bowlers were allowed to bowl.

Nondescripts Cricket Club

Nondescripts Cricket Club in Colombo will host the first one-day international tomorrow after the original venue was flooded

We had a special guest at training as (umpire) Richard Kettleborough was getting some practice in for his first Test match next week.

When I was batting he gave me a piece of advice: 'If the ball goes behind the white netting, get it out with your bat just in case there is a snake hiding'.

After training it was a bit of a rush as we had to get back to the hotel and get ready to go to the British High Commission.

We were in our Paul Costello suits, which looked good although we were all quite hot, and with my heels on I become over 6ft tall so standing next to the Sri Lanka girls I looked like a giant.

I did have to laugh though when one of the Sri Lankan's said to Laura ‘you have lost weight since West Indies as you were fat then’. Laura is one of the skinniest in our team; I think they must have confused her with someone else.

We were due to play our first ODI on Sunday but it has now been put back a day due to the rain. This means another day to prepare and playing five games in seven days, but we’re all up for the games to begin; so bring it on.