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Stepping up

Posted in Disability Cricket

Twelve months on from our first meeting with National Disability Cricket Manager, Ian Martin, and Physical Disability Cricket Development Officer, Neil Bradshaw, our High Performance Squad is preparing for its pre-season training camp at Ellesmere College in Shropshire.

To date, our two training weekends have been a great success, bringing together a talented squad of players from across the country.

The launchpad weekend took place at our National Cricket Performance Centre in Loughborough before Christmas. This was followed by a trip to Ellesmere College in February. Both weekends were given an overall theme to focus players' and coaches' minds on the programme.

The first camp was 'Setting the Scene' and the second 'Building Momentum'. In doing so this gave a short and concise message as to what we wanted to achieve from the training programme.

I’m delighted to say all players responded magnificently, working well throughout each weekend.

Our pre-season training camp on 15th-16th April is themed 'Stepping Up'.

Goals have been set for the squad for 2011 with fixtures in May and August plus a training camp at Malvern College in July.

Next year promises much and planning for this has already begun.

One of our key challenges is spreading the message across the country to all players with a disability an opportunity really does exist for you to represent your country.

National squads have been set up for visually impaired, deaf and learning disabilities and the plan is for our physically disabled high performance squad to follow suit very soon. For any players interested do get in touch.

Finally, welcome back home to all the England players, coaches and management team.

Chris Ellison

I have been really impressed with the players so far but there is lots of work ahead