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Supermarket sweep

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2010

Since new chairman Andy Smith attended the evening at the county ground the club hasn’t looked back.

Prior to this the club was struggling for players and was playing out of a horrible council owned pavilion.

Today five park rangers, a local SDO and eight players who all took the day off have been painting and prepping for a complete revamp of the pavilion.

They also have new volunteer co-ordinator, branding and signage, website, and, following Andy’s trip to do a presentation to the town council, £500 from the majoress who also attended today and provided the club with paint and paintbrushes for the club.

Last week the club did bag packing in Sainsbury’s and raised £740. On the back of NWCF in the past two weeks the club have raised well over £2,000.

The senior membership is now over 25 and the new junior section has 18 registered and regularly attending coaching sessions.

This is my moment of today. As the ground is right next to the river people often walks dogs round the ground and boundary edge, a dog walker saw what was happening and stopped to ask what was going on.

Never one to miss an opportunity Andy offered him a cup of tea and showed him all the projects they had planned. Turns out he owns a landscaping firm and is now going to sponsor the club and give them £300 towards NWCF.

It's going to make a great case study with all the people they have managed to get involved.