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The clock is ticking

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2011

No panicking but there are only 44 days until NatWest CricketForce comes to Witham.

Not long left but if we continue to progress as we have this week we can look forward to great things on April 8th.

Firstly a huge thank you to all who turned out on Saturday to help to rub down the outside of the pavilion, take up the existing patio and, most excitingly, digging the footings for the scorebox.

Considering the weather wasn’t kind with the persistent rain, to get 25 people turning out and working so hard and achieving so much is really encouraging and rewarding, if a little wet.

Following up on digging the footings, the concrete was delivered and poured in today, so now let's hope we get some good drying weather. The concrete was supplied by Essex Concrete who agreed to reduce the price by £150 to help with our projects. Our thanks to them.

Whilst thanks are being mentioned a particular thank you to Gary Chapman who not only organised and operated the digger for our footings, which to saved our poor old backs, but he also gave up his time to supervise the cement pouring.

When I say supervise, he pretty much took care of everything. So all you members, if you see Gary about we probably owe him a beer or two.

Saturday was the first time I had been down to the park in daylight for a couple of weeks and saw what a fantastic job Nick Godwin and Roger 'Dinky' Brown have done with the hedge. It is now a hedge again rather than a dumping ground – so again thanks to those two.

Thanks to all who attended the quiz on Saturday night. Hopefully those who attended enjoyed a particularly entertaining and testing quiz (well I thought so) and we raised another £370 with tickets and the raffle.

And last but not least...

Can you help or know someone who could help? We have got to the stage in the project where we are now looking to get hold of the materials to ensure we can progress with some of our goals. If you know anyone who could help us with the following items or organisations we could approach please let us know.

We need:

  • Celotex insulation and plasterboard for the pavilion roof.
  • Breeze blocks, bricks, sand and cement for the score hut and patio.
  • Patio slabs, guttering and treated wooden edging, so we can build up the drive before shingling.

Any support in helping to source these will be gratefully received and we are happy to discuss sponsorship, advertising and/or are open to suggestions. If you know anyone who might be able to help please email me.