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The final step in the master plan - and quiz 2011!

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2011

For many years, Whittington was a small village cricket club playing friendly matches, one on a Saturday and one on a Sunday. Eventually these became local league fixtures and all home games were played at the Parish Council owned Bit End Field in the village.

In 1987 a youth scheme was started by the club and the take-up by the youngsters of Whittington and the surrounding area was most encouraging. Since then, the club has progressed beyond recognition and in the coming season will be fielding three senior teams during the weekend and youth teams at under 17, under 15, under 13, under 11, under 10 and under 9 levels.

Whittington CC

Whittington CC, with the ground, levelled and seeded

The Saturday first team has progressed to competing in the Staffordshire Clubs League Division One, one level below the very professional and highly regarded Birmingham League. Sunday teams compete in the Lichfield and District League.

The junior teams compete, successfully, in the Burton League. The total playing “staff” number around 35 seniors and 120 juniors, including a number of girls, and, since the youth scheme started, a number of juniors have come through and are now playing their part in the success of the first and second teams. The Club has also worked towards, and has been granted, Clubmark status.

Running all of these teams has placed a huge burden on ground resources and the Club has become a victim of its own success. The pitch at Bit End Field can only support so many matches in a season, without becoming irreparable, and the club has had to hire other grounds in order that all teams may play their cricket.

About ten years ago, the club managed to install all-weather nets and an all-weather pitch next to the square, the money being raised by fundraising activities and grants. However, the Club decided, in 2002 that, in order to supply the necessary facilities to support top level cricket and an ever increasing youth participation, it would be necessary to look for and purchase its own ground, to be used in addition to the existing, council run, facility at Bit End Field.

After lengthy negotiations and planning applications, the Club has purchased suitable Glebe land adjacent to Bit End Field and, thanks to national (the ECB in particular) and local funding (including many thousands of pounds raised by the Club itself over the last eight years), has levelled the ground and seeded it, as well as laying the cricket square.

The final phase of the development is to build a pavilion on the ground. This facility will not be just for the cricketers but will be used by many parts of the local community.

The building of this structure will not be funded as much as the development of the field was and so a lot of self-help will be going into it. However, building materials still cost money and, once the pavilion is finished, it will have to be furnished.

The Club, therefore, is desperate to raise funds to help pay for this project; and have been selected as a County NatWest CricketForce showcase club for Staffordshire in March/April 2011.

The annual quiz

The annual quiz which I compile and sell, all over the country to raise funds for the cricket club is up and running for 2011.

All the answers in the quiz are the names of places in Great Britain. There are 100 questions and the closing date is October 31 2011.

The entrant with the most correct answers will win £50!

To obtain a quiz sheet, a SAE and £1 (coin or cheque payable to Whittington Cricket Club) should be sent to:

Barrie Taylor
23 The Spires
Staffs WS14 9RP

Whittington CC

The drains area takes shape as work continues on the new pavilion and surrounds on the ground at Whittington