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The first meeting!

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2009

After the possibility of being one of ECB’s National ‘Showcase Clubs’, we at the Highway Cricket Club, Coventry, have been frothing at the mouth with ideas for a weekend in April, ranging from coats of paint, right through to the building of a brand new scorebox.

Why a new scorebox? Good question – ever since a fateful Bonfire Night late night nineteen-ninety something, when local youths/arsonists decided that our scorebox, all alone in the corner of our Coventry-based ground, would be a good thing to burn down (now I know that cricket has very historic links with the Ashes, but this is a bit extreme).

A committee was needed! Project leaders, secretary, fundraisers and the like are all needed to make the project run smoothly.
Our very own club legend, Mike Thornton, takes the title of Project Leader extraordinaire, while me, myself have taken the Secretarial role.

Amidst the chaos which came from a mixture of excitement and scepticism, we, as a committee, drew up a list of projects, some being:

  • A new Scorebox, adjoining the existing snooker room
  • Refurbishment of snooker/bar area – to become viewing area for spectators
  • Complete renovation of shower/changing rooms, umpires quarters, kitchen etc on the balcony
  • Felling of rotten trees on far side of the ground
  • Build a new practice area in corner of ground
  • Work to be done on our ‘ageing’ square and outfield
  • Numerous painting jobs

Brainstorming these projects, there were names and companies mentioned who may be able to help. Plan of action? ATTACK!

Everybody knows someone who is a builder, plumber, painter, carpenter, media expert, gardener, electrician… you see where I am going with this right?

All went well at the first meeting, which was intended as a ‘Possibilities’ meeting to see what we could do… it quickly turned into what we can and will do.