Early season bookings

Posted in ECB ACO

Spring is in the air and the phone is ringing more frequently now with requests for me to score various matches. Already I am looking for others who will fulfil fixtures I cannot manage as I am getting fully booked.

Our ECB ACO regional seminar is coming up soon which will give me a chance to look at the changes in laws, to see familiar faces and to catch up on news from around the county before we all get too busy.

Back on home soil, I have been involved with setting a quiz for a fundraising evening. I'm not sure how successful it will be but it is worth a try. I do not come from a wealthy club, we don't have our own ground, it has its pros and cons, but we do OK for the most part.

Winter nets have been ongoing and our main injury concern seems to be our president's foot. He was watching, standing well to the side with five fielders in front of him when our best young batsman caught the ball squarely in the meat of his bat.

Apparently all five fielders dived for cover leaving Peter, a sweet guy in his 70s and, my guess would be, not paying a great deal of attention, to stop the ball with his big toe. I must make sure the risk assessment form includes a comment about leaving the area when Linden is letting rip.

Over the next couple of weeks I need to ensure all the teams have new scorebooks. I prefer the Millennium sheets designed by a scorer friend of mine, but the other teams will not be fussed about having as much detail as I record. Others want a book so that the records are all in one place, but you can also lose all of them in one go.

There are also plans afoot to install an acknowledgement light in the main scorebox. Mind you, I have been asking for a light there for the last three seasons.

I am off on a spring break over Easter and then straight into the first game when I return. I can't wait but do not want to wish the month away. Having said that I have booked my Christmas flights today. Nothing like planning ahead I suppose.