Time for Star Trek

Posted in ECB ACO

The season is drawing to a close - my teams have been very successful, there is silverware in the cabinet, and, although numbers are down, we are still solvent.

Winter nets are booked, courses are lined up and trophies are on order for the presentation night.

During the season I have been teased on occasions for the size of the bag I carry. It is an ACO bag on wheels. I use it chiefly because I had a bad back last year and its easier to wheel, but I do carry lots of 'stuff'.

At times I have been able to supply bored children with pens and paper to try out scoring. I have been able to equip a last minute substitute scorer with all the necessary sheets and stationary so that we both were ready to begin when the umpire waved at us before calling 'play'. I have a variety of jumpers and waterproofs for wearing or sitting on depending on the state of the chairs provided and a packed lunch.

All this sounds a bit fussy and OTT but I have been surprised at the range of stationary and accessories that other notchers bring.

For example, I have a long pencil roll which I use for my first choice writing implements. This has raised the odd eyebrow but one colleague also brings a wooden block with holes in which she then puts her eight pens in so that they stand to attention ready.

Another gentleman has acquired an electric eraser - yes, it is battery powered - and one or two others notchers have added said gadget to their 'wish list' for next season. It is so cool.

One scorer even came with a large radio to listen to the Test match at the same time as scoring. I did put my foot down at this but then I supplied the lady with headphones so that she could listen and not disturb me - but I still feel she should have been giving the Premier League game her whole attention.

Interestingly, a fairly recent addition to many bags seems to be various electronic boxes with games on or e-books, so that the hours of rain stopped play are passed more quickly. I will admit to taking my iPad if it looks like rain, with a movie and a puzzle or two that I have not finished. I did complete a jigsaw once but have not had time to watch Star Trek which is my movie of choice at the moment.

There is one day of play left now until my season is completed. Hopefully I will not be 'boldly going' then, but I shall save it up for a dark, cold winter's night when there is nothing much on the telly. That'll be next week then...